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Jogan Beach and Waterfall (Look Around for the 5 Unique Travels in Jogja)

If you want to enjoy a waterfall and wave swash all at once, come to Jogan Beach, Gunungkidul. The location of the beach is nearby Nglambor Beach and Siung Beach (about 200 meters to the western side of Siung Beach), in Purwodadi, Tepus, Gunungkidul. You can find the exact location by going through Siung Beach toll post which will lead you to a T-junction; the straight path will take you to Siung Beach, while the right-turn path will lead you to Jogan Beach and Waterfall.

Although it is situated on a beach side with cliffs, still you can enjoy the freshness of water splash coming from a natural spring nearby the beach by stepping down through the cliff. To go down through it, you can perform canyoning technique (stepping down through cliff using similar tools as ones used in rock climbing). Or, you can also step on the cliff through slippery stones by holding on to the bars of wood on the cliff side very carefully. Pay attention to the rising and falling of the tide when you decide to step down through the cliff.

About Look Around for the 5 Unique Travels in Jogja

Besides having many popular tourism objects, Jogja also has unique tourism destinations you surely do not want to miss. Visit them one by one and try to feel the unique sensation that drives your backpacking more exciting.

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