More Uniqueness, More Attractiveness

Besides having many popular tourism objects, Jogja also has unique tourism destinations you surely do not want to miss. Visit them one by one and try to feel the unique sensation that drives your backpacking more exciting.

Updated on 19 November 2018

Who does not know Jogja? Known widely as the Gudeg City and Student's City, Jogja has its own appeal and is never close to boring to explore, especially for the backpackers. Each of its corners corner is fascinating, from the famous tourism objects people might have visited over and over again, to other unique ones rarely found. Searching Jogja is fun. The more you search, the more unique it will be. The more unique, the more attractive.

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1. Sandboarding at Parangkusumo Beach

Parangkusumo Beach is located in Bantul, about 30 kilometers to the southern side of Yogyakarta. The beach lies side by side with Parangtritis Beach and Depok Beach. If you visit the beach, try to enjoy its beauty from a different side. If most visitors commonly enjoy only the swashing wave of the southern beach, try something unique which, in Indonesia, might be possible to do only in Jogja. Race your adrenaline by sandboarding. Such sport is similar to snowboarding. While snowboarding is performed on snow, sandboarding is done across a sand dune, one of the rare phenomena in the world. Across this sand dune, we can enjoy the sensation of surfing from 5-7 meter of height on a surfing board. This sport can also be performed by kids as long as they are wear safety tools.

2. Jogan Beach and Waterfall

If you want to enjoy a waterfall and wave swash all at once, come to Jogan Beach, Gunungkidul. The location of the beach is nearby Nglambor Beach and Siung Beach (about 200 meters to the western side of Siung Beach), in Purwodadi, Tepus, Gunungkidul. You can find the exact location by going through Siung Beach toll post which will lead you to a T-junction; the straight path will take you to Siung Beach, while the right-turn path will lead you to Jogan Beach and Waterfall.

Although it is situated on a beach side with cliffs, still you can enjoy the freshness of water splash coming from a natural spring nearby the beach by stepping down through the cliff. To go down through it, you can perform canyoning technique (stepping down through cliff using similar tools as ones used in rock climbing). Or, you can also step on the cliff through slippery stones by holding on to the bars of wood on the cliff side very carefully. Pay attention to the rising and falling of the tide when you decide to step down through the cliff.

3. Enjoying Sunset at Parang Endog Hill

Sunset at Parangtritis Beach is beautiful. It is even better as it comes with the splashing wave of waves and the view of bendi (two-wheeled traditional cart pulled by a horse) passing by as the background. However, have you thought of enjoying the sunset at the same area of Parangtritis Beach but from a certain height above? Visit Parang Endog Hill. Parang Endog is a cliff above Parangtritis Beach often used as the starting point for paragliding. From the top of the hill, you can watch as the sun starts to set with South Ocean stretched widely as the background.

4. Suroloyo Peak

Suroloyo Peak is the highest peak at Menoreh Hills, situated in Keceme, Gerbosari, Samiguluh, Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta. From the 1,019 meter asl site, you can watch the beauty of Java Island from 8 different cardinal directions. To reach the peak, there are 286 stairs to go through with a 30-60 degree inclination. If you want to get the best view, come at sunrise and before 10 AM. There are 3 guard houses you can use to watch the beauty of the surrounding scenery known as "hermitage", namely Suroloyo, Sariloyo, and Kaendran. In sunny weather, you can see the city of Magelang and Borobudur Temple on the north side, Prambanan Temple on the southeast side, and the summit of Mount Merapi on the east side. Better still, when good fortune is on your side, you can also stare at the peaks of Java Island's mountains, i.e. Mount Merapi, Mount Merbabu, Mount Sindoro, and Mount Sumbing. To reach this place, make sure your vehicle is in its best condition since the road you need to pass is steeply up. There is no public transportation transporting to the location. Alternatively, you can rent a vehicle or ask a friend of yours who lives in Jogja to take you there.

5. Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano

Nglanggeran Ancient Volcano is situated in Nglanggeran, Pathuk, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, in the area of Batur Agung Hill and about 20-25 kilometers away from Yogyakarta. This ancient volcano was formed more or less 60 million years ago, originating from a submarine volcano that elevated and formed land. The peak of the volcano is Mount Gedhe at 700 meter asl with a 48-hectare mountain coverage. Not only gorgeous landscape, you can also visit several other tourism objects while adventuring there, such as visiting Comberan Spring believed of being able to preserve youthfulness if used to wash one's face, do outbound activities, go camping, and other activities.