Try and enjoy unique and traditional things that you can find in Jogja, starting from fancy cow carts to people living side by side with thousands of wild Blekok birds.

Updated on 9/17/2018

There is always a reason for another visit to Jogja, whether it is because of the yearning for its atmosphere and the hospitality of her people, the need for nostalgia, or a mere desire to go on a vacation. Like an old friend, Jogja keeps calling the name of those who have been there to come back again. Time has changed a lot of things, everything traditional have been replaced with the more modern ones. Carts are replaced by cars, while traveling barbers are replaced by barber shops or big salons. Jogja is different, however; not only is she a tourism paradise, she also acts as the preserver of many traditional things that have existed since the olden times. The following are 7 unique and traditional things you can see, try, and enjoy in Jogja.

1. Fancy Cow Carts, Jangkang Animal Market, Sleman

Unlike most people, who use cars or trucks to transport animals like cow to sell to the market, certain Jogjanese prefer to use a unique vehicle. Every pasaran day (pasaran refers to the days in Javanese calendar), at Pasar Jangkang, Sleman, there is a tradition of transporting cows using fancy cow carts. The fancy cow carts are basically ordinary cow carts, but decorated with the color red, yellow, and blue. The carts are modest, made of bamboo and wood as its basic materials. Each of the colored carts is steered by a "bajingan" (a Javanese term to refer to the driver of the cart). On Wage days (one of the five days of a week in a Javanese calendar), these bajingan(s) will take their cows or other farm animals with their carts to Jangkang Market and wait for their customers there. A lot more cow carts will appear on Wage Sundays.

How to go to Jangkang Market:
the City of Jogja - Mirota Kampus - Jalan Kaliurang — take a right turn at the T-junction of Km in Jalan Kaliurang (to the direction of Wonolelo) - Ngemplak Sub-district Office - Jangkang Traditional Market.