Pulo Cemeti (5 Best Places to Watch City Sunset in Jogja)

Pulo Cemeti is the name of an ancient building complex located on the north side of the Tamansari (the Water Castle). It is called "pulo" since in the past this place was surrounded by swamps and looked like an island ('pulo': Javanese word for 'island'). Even though the building is not intact any more, it still shows its robustness and beauty. Pulo Cemeti has many tunnels said to connect Tamansari and the Palace of Ngayogyakarta. Due to its beauty, this place is often used as a photo shoot location. In the afternoon, you can watch the afternoon sunlight sneaking into the ruins of the building.

About 5 Best Places to Watch City Sunset in Jogja

Come and enjoy the moments when the sun starts hiding behind high buildings. Let the light greet and make peace in your heart.

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5 Best Places to Watch City Sunset in Jogja: When the Sun is Hiding Behind High Buildings