When the Sun is Hiding Behind High Buildings

Come and enjoy the moments when the sun starts hiding behind high buildings. Let the light greet and make peace in your heart.

Updated on 20 October 2018

Sunset may be one of the most awaited moments. The peaceful sight of sunset is the reason. Indeed, Jogja has many places to enjoy its best sunset, such as Ratu Boko Temple, Parangtritis Beach, Ijo Temple, and some other places located a bit far from the downtown. Still, who would have known that such sweet scenery can also be found in the middle of Jogja's downtown, eliminating the need for us to go far from it and not charging us with high price. These five places are not only the icons of the city, but also have the best sunset view in the middle of Jogja.

This article is one of the finalists in the "Special Vacation in Jogja for Backpacker" writing contest.

1. Tugu Jogja

People say that you have not truly visited Jogja if you have not taken a picture with this white monument as the background. Built in 1755 by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I (the first king of the Kingdom of Yogyakarta) and located within a straight imaginary line with Mount Merapi, the Palace of Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat, and the Southern Beach, not only does it become the icon of Jogja, but it also offers a gorgeous sunset view. Standing gallantly right in the center of the crowded afternoon city traffic, Tugu Jogja is always ready to accompany you enjoying the shift of day.