Watching Sunset (10 Things To Do in Parangtritis Beach)

As the sun moves farther to the West, the weather becomes more friendly. The soft wind and the sound of waves take the sun to its bed, as well as taking us to the most romantic moment at the beach−the sunset. The sky is painted in thick amber, making Parangtritis one of the favorite spots to watch sunset in Jogja. Sit on the shore and savor the sweet, romantic sunset at Parangtritis Beach.

About 10 Things To Do in Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis is not only magical; it also invites you with a romantic call. Here, you can try playing kites during the day, riding on a bendi (a two-wheeled traditional cart pulled by a horse) during the afternoon, or enjoying the view of the ocean of sta

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10 Things To Do in Parangtritis Beach: From Paragliding to Stargazing