Surfing (10 Things To Do in Parangtritis Beach)

The Southern ocean's waves-known to be ferocious-have indeed attracted many surfers to try having a 'date' with them. Come to Parangtritis, where you can test how good you are in conquering the powerful waves. If you are interested to take a short surfing course, you may join the Dolphin Parangtritis Surf Community (DPSC), who will welcome you with open arms. Now, you can surf without having to go for miles to Bali.

About 10 Things To Do in Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis is not only magical; it also invites you with a romantic call. Here, you can try playing kites during the day, riding on a bendi (a two-wheeled traditional cart pulled by a horse) during the afternoon, or enjoying the view of the ocean of sta

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