Everything is Cheap (10 Things I Miss Most about Jogja)

For students, either university or high school, Jogja is a very friendly city. Not only becoming a second home that is convenient to many people, she has also become a good friend for those who do not have a lot of cash in their pocket. Jogja is an everything-is-cheap city that will not make you starve though your pocket money is not transferred timely. There are hundreds of burjo (a franchised food stall) that sell intel (indomie-telor, instant noodle with egg) and tante (indomie tanpa-telor, instant noodle without egg). There are also angkringan that can be found almost in every alley with nasi kucing (a tiny pack of rice with a portion that, many said, is only enough to feed a cat, hence the name nasi kucing-rice for cats), gorengan, and sate which are very tasty.

About 10 Things I Miss Most about Jogja

Be cautious my friend, for Jogja is just like a lover who silently sows the seed of yearning in your heart. Her simplicity teaches us to be a more mature human being, her hospitality comforts us, and her romanticism will always be remembered.

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