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Southern Square and Wedhang Ronde (10 Things I Miss Most about Jogja)

Enjoying a bowl of warm wedhang ronde (hot beverage made of brewed ginger) while sitting on top of pandan mats is the thing that perfects your visit to the Alun-alun Kidul. Colorful sparkles from various shaped odong-odong (custom made carts designed to carry passengers for entertainment purpose) circling the square, plus shouts of astonishment mixed with anger coming out from those who could not successfully walk through ringin kurung (twin banyan trees planted at the Southern Square) fuse into one perfect combination. If you have once stayed in Jogja, then you might at least have experienced that kind of situation and look forward to repeating it again someday.

About 10 Things I Miss Most about Jogja

Be cautious my friend, for Jogja is just like a lover who silently sows the seed of yearning in your heart. Her simplicity teaches us to be a more mature human being, her hospitality comforts us, and her romanticism will always be remembered.

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