Midnight Gudeg (10 Things I Miss Most about Jogja)

Gudeg, a sweet-tasteful food made from young Jackfruit, becomes one of the signs implying that Jogja never sleeps. Every night at 9 pm, when many other shops have closed, sellers at gudeg tenants start to arrange the food on simple tables. Pandan mats are spread right outside the shops or on sidewalks that are resting from their daily services. A bunch of people waiting in line at night for a plate of gudeg to relieve their hunger is surely a sight that can only be found in Jogja. Read also: 10 famous gudeg in jogja

About 10 Things I Miss Most about Jogja

Be cautious my friend, for Jogja is just like a lover who silently sows the seed of yearning in your heart. Her simplicity teaches us to be a more mature human being, her hospitality comforts us, and her romanticism will always be remembered.

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