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Shopping in Malioboro (10 Things I Miss Most about Jogja)

Malioboro, a 1-km-long street, is the heart of the city of Jogja that keeps pumping up the sense of yearning into your whole body. Rows of tenants selling souvenirs, batik, and even antiques are some of the many things that spoil your eyes. This is the place where you can buy various stuffs without ever worrying of draining your pocket out of money. Shopping in Malioboro is more than just shopping. It is also a form of enjoying the existing romanticism. Rows of pedicab drivers, relentlessly offering their services and old andong (a type of horse cart) running back and forth have become inseparable parts of Malioboro. Those are why, for tourists and newcomers, Malioboro is a must-visit place. It is the history, tale and memory that will cling forever in the minds of those visiting Jogja.

About 10 Things I Miss Most about Jogja

Be cautious my friend, for Jogja is just like a lover who silently sows the seed of yearning in your heart. Her simplicity teaches us to be a more mature human being, her hospitality comforts us, and her romanticism will always be remembered.

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