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Jogja is Home to Everyone, from the creative, the hyperactive, or the less active ones (10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Jogja)

Everyone, from whatever background, is welcomed with open arms in Jogja-from creative children capable of inventing new things, hyperactive children who cannot possibly sit still for just a minute, to those far less active. They will all be given a place of equal comfort and properness. Jogja welcomes everybody, with not a single exception. She is like a foster mother who educates her children to be independent persons. She will never force you to be a Jogjanese; you are the one who will happily take her as your second home as she made you feel accepted and appreciated.

About 10 Reasons to Fall in Love with Jogja

She is Jogja, a romantic, charming place; she is the soul of Java Island. Her personality is attractive and impressive, mesmerizing to many. It is no wonder that falling in love with her is just irresistible.

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