Special Things that Get You Crazy in Love with Her

She is Jogja, a romantic, charming place; she is the soul of Java Island. Her personality is attractive and impressive, mesmerizing to many. It is no wonder that falling in love with her is just irresistible.

Updated on 19 November 2018

Jogja is a talented teaser, capable of enchanting the heart of anyone visiting her. In just a short time, many have already fallen in love with her. There are reasons why people would refuse to leave her-her simplicity, friendliness, arts and culture, culinary, to her different kind of life rhythm. Jogja gladly witnesses the ups and downs of your youth. She is also the home to thousands of people from across the nation coming over in search for education. What's more, Jogja will also stands by your side while you grow into adulthood and into older ages. Those are what make you crazy in love with her. She is more than just being humble; she is also open for anyone wanting to be part of her.

1. Jogja is Humble and Friendly

The first impression you'll get during your stay in Jogja is that the city is humble and friendly. She is a lover who knows really good how to steal everybody's heart. Who wouldn't fall for humbleness, especially when it comes with unconditional friendliness? The two things are a matching collaboration growing since centuries ago and continue to grow until present. She will never change, no matter how long you've left her behind. She will always be friendly and humble, just like what you've always known.

2. Jogja is Full of Arts and Culture

While strong influences from the outside world keep permeating into the local culture, Jogja has never easily surrendered. She always manages to preserve the arts and cultural values she has kept since centuries ago. It may seem old-fashioned sometimes, but either you like it or not, those are the two things that keep the life here balanced. Arts and culture are part of Jogja's personality; one that cannot possibly fade away through time.

3. Jogja is Photogenic

Seen through cameras, Jogja is always charming. Like a beautiful, photogenic photo model, she appears attractive from any perspective. Her charm has never changed through days. The truth is, as days go by, she looks even younger and younger. If this is the way things are, how could one resist from falling in love with her?

4. Jogja is Home to Interesting Places

Almost every corner of the city is just captivating. It is as if she were the mini version of Indonesia. Just think about it: tens of beaches, temples, caves, shopping areas, and historical places are spread around various locations. It is not surprising that exploring these interesting places has been a must-do activity for those visiting Jogja.

5. Jogja is Home to Scholars and Students

Every year, thousands of scholars and students keep coming to Jogja in search of education. Acclaimed universities and high schools seem to be all in the city, being a home where people from all over Indonesia grow into maturity. Years go by and, consciously or not, we begin to be accustomed to every thing going on here, be it the taste for food, personality, to the rhythm of life-all that certainly are different from where people come from. This is the place where scholars and students learn to live independently, far from their parents, until the city eventually leads them to find their true loves.

6. Jogja is Mythical Yet Romantic

Anyone who had once resided in Jogja would undoubtedly heard myths about the queen of the Southern Sea, who is believed to be so beautiful and charming, or another myth about the sound of drum band breaking the silence from nowhere at dawn. These myths have spread virally among the people that the city feels mythical. However, behind all those myths, Jogja is romantic. Stories of sunset at the Southern Sea or shopping in Malioboro sound so sweet since they all happen in Jogja.

7. All is Affordable in Jogja

Jogja has been identified as the city of students since years ago, making her a good friend not only for students but also for anyone living in the city. Jogja is a comfy home for those with limited budget. Nothing deserves your worry as you can eat well only with ten thousand rupiahs.

8. Jogja is the Paradise of Food

People from outside Jogja often say, "Ah...everything tastes sweet in Jogja; even plain rice tastes sweet!" This is unsurprising as they are referring particularly to bakpia and gudeg. However, behind her sweet face, Jogja is the center of spicy, hot culinaries-ones that will get your stomach twisting. She also offers culinary from all over the nation, ones that will cure you when you're homesick. Jogja is not just about sweet foods; she is so talented and creative in producing unique foods that you can find probably only here.

9. Jogja is Happy-Go-Lucky

It is not exaggerating to say that Jogja is a happy-go-lucky city, where life goes on easily, unrushingly. The rhythm of life here is somewhat slower and calmer, but steady. You wouldn't need to set off much earlier to school or work-the streets are less crowded than other cities. You wouldn't need to rush, either, as this is not where you get military training. You would just need to do everything easily, normally.

10. Jogja is Home to Everyone, from the creative, the hyperactive, or the less active ones

Everyone, from whatever background, is welcomed with open arms in Jogja-from creative children capable of inventing new things, hyperactive children who cannot possibly sit still for just a minute, to those far less active. They will all be given a place of equal comfort and properness. Jogja welcomes everybody, with not a single exception. She is like a foster mother who educates her children to be independent persons. She will never force you to be a Jogjanese; you are the one who will happily take her as your second home as she made you feel accepted and appreciated.