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Aeromodeling Runway at Depok Beach (10 Pre-Wedding Locations in Jogja)

The location may not appear fascinating to common eyes. In a glance, there's nothing special; the runway is merely a straight path of approximately 400m with road marks, located just right along the seashore. Spruce trees and bushes typical of a beach decorate the right and left sides. Who would have thought that the aeromodeling runway could be so photogenic? It may appear very dramatic when an aerobatic plane passes around, pleasing when a group of teenagers pose cheerfully, and romantic when a couple of lovers smile sweetly against a camera. (

About 10 Pre-Wedding Locations in Jogja

Jogja is home to numerous exotic, romantic places of incomparable beauty. It is no wonder that some of these locations have risen up as the prima donna for pre-wedding photo session.

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