Jogja is home to numerous exotic, romantic places of incomparable beauty. It is no wonder that some of these locations have risen up as the prima donna for pre-wedding photo session.

Updated on 2/27/2015

"Every single corner of Jogja is just romantic," said Anies baswedan, a man who is grown up in Jogja and now is widely known through his activities in education. He is, indeed, not exaggerating. Anyone who have spent their time in Jogja would agree that every corner of the city holds a different kind of romanticism-one that never fails in drowning us into an ocean of memories. It's not a surprising fact that numerous people have intentionally inscribed moments of happiness prior to their weddings at some of the city's corners.

1. Taman Sari Water Castle

The thick, high walls remain faithful in keeping safe the story of how strong the water castle is. The soft shade of creme blends with flowery vines; the birds and dragons engraved on the walls are what make the castle feels so warm and romantic. The sound of dripping water from the bathing pools is just so melodious. In just seconds, you would likely imagine princesses of the palace wandering in the castle. The castle is just so romantic that many couples have shot their pre-wedding photo session there. Some of the favorite spots within the castle include the bathing pool, Pulo Cemeti, and the underground mosque. (http://poetrafoto.com/)