Best Places to Watch The Last Sunset

Jogja offers a whole lot of places to watch the sunset, from a dashing sunset at Glagah Beach to a romantic one at Parangtritis.

Updated on 19 November 2018

Dusk is always the best moment to relish the last of "something", be it the last day before the New Year, or just the last day of your holidays in Jogja before going home. The followings are our selection of the most exotic and photogenic places in Jogja to watch the moments where the sun turns the sky into a shade of amber, enriched with the best and exclusive pictures from YogYES photographer.

1. Kalibiru

Climbing the hanging ladder leading to a pine tree on the edge of the ravine would allow you to see the unobstructed view of Menoreh Mountains. From the wooden board we can watch the sun riding on the clouds to return home. Its ray of lights reach out to the yellowing surface of the Earth, as if each of its every steps leaves a golden traces behind. Meanwhile, a serene lake is visible in the distance. Faithfully serving as a mirror for the sun to fit itself, the lake reflects the glow of the glittering ray. In Kalibiru, the serenity will expel any weariness. Enjoy every creeps of seconds as time would feel passing by so slowly. Forget the urban life for a while, leave the thoughts of the piling tasks, and enjoy the given view. See Kalibiru

2. Glagah Beach

If you wish to see a dashing sunset, you should come to Glagah beach. The sound of the Southern sea waves colliding with hundreds of tetra pods will be the back sound for the drama where the bright blue sky turns to golden orange. See Glagah Beach

3. Pok Tunggal Beach

Relishing the magnificence of Pok Tunggal beach would be incomplete if you haven't set aside a little of your time to watch the sun sets behind the horizon. It is also fun to spend the night here in a tent, while savoring the sea breeze and waves, after appreciating the violet sundown. See Pok Tunggal Beach

4. Parang Endog Hill

Viewing the vast ocean stretches with its racing waves is the signature treat of the highland on Parang Endog hill's yard. On this exact yard, the twilight view of the Southern sea is perfectly captured. People are sitting in silence, witnessing as the most romantic moments take place when the sun falls into the horizon's embrace. Golden orange light takes over the sky, reflected by the sea and captured by the eyes. Indeed, it is hard to leave the place unless the darkness has completely swallowed the beauty and replace it with lamps and moon light.

5. Nglanggeran Pond

Rock hills and green valleys framing a tiny pond in the foot of the ancient volcano of Nglanggeran show the breathtaking view of twilight. The fascinating moving silhouettes vigorously fit themselves there, resembling a giant screen where the orange sky becomes the background. The twilight view belongs to the Nglanggeran Pond, an oasis in the middle of the barren limestone hills.

6. King Boko Palace

Visiting the King Boko Palace will bring us through a passage of time. The ruins of the magnificent palace built in the 18th century keep secret of the most beautiful sunset on Earth. Walking through the ruins and seeing the reflection of sun rays on what is used to be the bathing place for the princesses will bring us to a romantic yet mysterious tale. Enjoying the twilight sun seen through the gate is the climax of the expectation for the most beautiful sunset. Ah, how glorious the palace must have been in the past. See King Boko Palace

7. Ijo Temple

It is always nice to sit on the edge of Ijo Temple's yard while watching as the sun falls slowly to the night. Twilight with the clear vast view of the Jogja city is dazzling. The city might feel somewhat boring sometimes, but at Ijo Temple it reincarnates as a remarkably alluring fair maiden. Meanwhile, the dashing silhouette of the hundreds-years-old construction in the back is the comfortable place where exhausted individuals, who escape from their tedious routine, could lean on. See Ijo Temple

8. Jogan Beach

Set up with a background of purple twilight sky staring off into the Indian Ocean, watching as Poseidon throws rolls of waves that seemed ready to devour, while behind our back we hear the deafening sound of a waterfall signifying the heavy fall of water. Such is the exotic sunset view at Jogan, a beach with a waterfall falling straight to the sea. See Jogan Beach

The debit of water falling off the waterfall will be very small during the dry season; we suggest that you come during the peak of rainy season (December - January).

9. Prambanan Temple

Watching the silhouette of the 47-meters-tall Prambanan Temple exposed to the golden sun light is an exotic view. No wonder, foreign tourists love to see twilight here. See Prambanan Temple


  • Prambanan Temple closes at 5 pm; you can enjoy the sunset from the outer yard.
  • The best moments are at times where the Ramayana Ballet is scheduled see Calendar of Events. The spot lights will illuminate the temple, making it look tremendously majestic.

10. Parangtritis Beach

Parangtritis Beach is famous for its romantic sunset scenery. There are many activity you can do while watching sunset. Don't forget to bring your lover with you, because "the most beautiful sunset is when you have it with your beloved one and the most beautiful sunrise is quite the same" said Galine Nelson. See Parangtritis Beach