Best Places to Watch The Last Sunset

Jogja offers a whole lot of places to watch the sunset, from a dashing sunset at Glagah Beach to a romantic one at Parangtritis.

Updated on 22 October 2018

Dusk is always the best moment to relish the last of "something", be it the last day before the New Year, or just the last day of your holidays in Jogja before going home. The followings are our selection of the most exotic and photogenic places in Jogja to watch the moments where the sun turns the sky into a shade of amber, enriched with the best and exclusive pictures from YogYES photographer.

1. Kalibiru

Climbing the hanging ladder leading to a pine tree on the edge of the ravine would allow you to see the unobstructed view of Menoreh Mountains. From the wooden board we can watch the sun riding on the clouds to return home. Its ray of lights reach out to the yellowing surface of the Earth, as if each of its every steps leaves a golden traces behind. Meanwhile, a serene lake is visible in the distance. Faithfully serving as a mirror for the sun to fit itself, the lake reflects the glow of the glittering ray. In Kalibiru, the serenity will expel any weariness. Enjoy every creeps of seconds as time would feel passing by so slowly. Forget the urban life for a while, leave the thoughts of the piling tasks, and enjoy the given view. (www.yogyes.com/kalibiru)

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2. Glagah Beach