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Gembiraloka Zoo (10 Places to Visit by Trans Jogja)

Gembiraloka Zoo is one of the main attractions you have to visit. Hundreds of faunas from different regions live side by side within the zoo's area. There is no need to travel a long way only to see the penguins with their funny acts, the giant lizard Dragon Komodo, to the rare and protected orangutans. Besides playing with the animals, various amusements are also available at the zoo. To get there, walk to MALIOBORO 1 Bus Stop from Tugu Train Station and catch a Trans Jogja 2A, and stop at KUSUMANEGARA (GEMBIRALOKA) Bus Stop. If you are coming from Adisutjipto Airport, catch a Trans Jogja 1B, and stop at the same bus stop.

About 10 Places to Visit by Trans Jogja

As the most comfortable public bus with a fare of IDR 4K per trip, Trans Jogja comes as an alternative for you while staying in Jogja. The comfortable AC bus will take you to various interesting placeswhile also giving you the chance of becoming an eco-fr

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