From Prambanan to Seeing Orangutans

As the most comfortable public bus with a fare of IDR 4K per trip, Trans Jogja comes as an alternative for you while staying in Jogja. The comfortable AC bus will take you to various interesting placeswhile also giving you the chance of becoming an eco-fr

Updated on 2/27/2015

Exploring Jogja by Trans Jogja is a fun thing you need to try. Affordable fare and easy access are the main reasons you should try it. By riding on Trans Jogja, it will be easier for you to travel to various places. Also, you will get a chance of becoming an eco-friendly tourist. Only with IDR 4K per trip, you will easily get to the destination you want.

By Trans Jogja, you can get to just any tourism destinations, from Prambanan Temple, Affandi Museum, to trying the educative tourism at Taman Pintar. The destinations are reachable only by walking for several minutes from the bus stop. Below are 10 popular destinations in Jogja that you can reach by Trans Jogja.

1. Prambanan Temple

As the most enchanting Hindhu temple in Indonesia, Prambanan is one of the destinations you must pay a visit to while spending time in Jogja. Three primary temples stand in dignity, accompanied by tens of perwara temples (secondary/accompanying temples). To get to Prambanan Temple, you may get to the bus from Tugu Train Station or from MALIOBORO 1 Bus Stop and catch a Trans Jogja 1A. It will take approximately an hour from Malioboro to the temple. Along the way, you will pass by Beringharjo Traditional Market, numerous buildings of the Indische heritage (the Vredeburg Fort, the former State Palace, the Primary Post Office, the Indonesian Bank), Taman Pintar, and Gembiraloka Zoo. If you are somewhere around Adisutjipto Airport, you can also directly catch a Trans Jogja 1A to Prambanan Temple. It will take only 10 minutes from the airport to Prambanan Temple.