Taman Sungai Mudal (10 New Spots in Kulonprogo 2015)

Not far from Kedung Pedut, there's a beautiful river park, Taman Sungai Mudal (taman sungai means river park in Indonesian). Packed with various type of plants, including a rare endemic orchid, this river park looks outstandingly enchanting. Not only you can relax in the small huts provided, but you can also swim in the pools and try canyoning (by bringing your own equipment) in the terraced waterfall. If you wish to enjoy the river park's atmosphere longer, set your tent up and stay overnight. There is a secure camping area with sufficient facilities. Look up the address and the location map at Taman Sungai Mudal

How to get there:
from Tugu Jogja, head west - Jl. Kyai Mojo Street - Demak Ijo crossroad of West Ringroad, go straight - Jl. Godean - Godean Traditional Market, go straight - Nanggulan crossroad , go straight - Kenteng Market - Girimulyo Sub-district - Jonggrangan Market - Goa Kiskendo T-junction, turn left - Banyunganti Village - Gunung Kelir Village - Taman Sungai Mudal

About 10 New Spots in Kulonprogo 2015

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10 New Spots in Kulonprogo 2015