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Gunung Lanang Summit (10 New Spots in Kulonprogo 2015)

Don't be confused, there are indeed two places in Kulon Progo called Gunung Lanang (gunung lanang literally means male mountain in Javanese). The first Gunung Lanang is situated near Glagah Beach, often referred to as Astana Jingga or Badraloka Mandira. The other one, the one we're talking about, is situated in Jatimulyo Village, Girimulyo, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta, right on the side of Jalan Goa Kiskendo. Gunung Lanang of Jatimulyo is one of the summits in Menoreh Hills used as a watchplace to see the green scenery of Jogja's western-most region. From the top, you can also vaguely see the waves of Indian Ocean breaking in the south. To enjoy those landscape, you have to climb a lot of stairs. Don't worry, there are two viewing spots before you get to the summit. Both have the same enchanting sights. Look up the address and the location map at Puncak Gunung Lanang

How to get there:
from Tugu Jogja, head west - Jl. Kyai Mojo - Demak Ijo crossroad of West Ringroad, go straight - Jl. Godean - Godean Traditional Market, go straight - Nanggulan crossroad, go straight - Kenteng Market - Girimulyo Sub-district - Jalan Goa Kiskendo - Gunung Lanang

About 10 New Spots in Kulonprogo 2015

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10 New Spots in Kulonprogo 2015