Sonobudoyo Museum (10 Interesting Museums Worth A Visit In Jogja)

You can say Sonobudoyo Museum is the time tunnel to the past. It is, indeed, because the collections stored in the museum are widely diverse and obtained from the past. There are various artifacts such as statues, ceramics, pottery, traditional weapons, keris (Indonesia's traditional dagger), and many more. The silent witnesses of the history of the past are here to find. Though some things can be found in history books, seeing and facing them in person will obviously make a difference. Visiting Sonobudoyo Museum will certainly be a new experience that feels more real.

About 10 Interesting Museums Worth A Visit In Jogja

Find different sensation and experience in backpacking by exploring museums with many stories and histories in Jogja.

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10 Interesting Museums Worth A Visit In Jogja: Making Your Backpacking Experience Even More Special