Making Your Backpacking Experience Even More Special

Find different sensation and experience in backpacking by exploring museums with many stories and histories in Jogja.

Updated on 9/17/2018

It is not a mistake to make a city with an enchanting hospitality a choice of destination for backpacking. The aura of smile radiating from the bustle of the city dubbed as the city of Gudeg becomes an inevitable magnet. Aside from the cheap price offered for almost everything, Jogja also keeps many historical stories you certainly don't want to miss. They are interesting to explore and will provide you with distinctive experience. Better still, the stories presented will help improve your knowledge and insight.

Backpacking is indeed exciting, even when you're going alone. With a minimum amount of money, backpack hanging on your back, and letting your feet go where the wind blows, the expectation of something new is hanging right before your eyes. However, what would it be if your backpacking destination is a museum? As we all have known, museums are not a common choice for tourism destination, especially for the backpackers. Don't get it wrong, some of the museums in Jogja indeed offer unexpected new experience in backpacking. Aside from the unique collections owned, museums with classical or antique architecture can be an interesting background for taking pictures.

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1. Vredeburg Fort Museum

The museum is located in the heart of Jogja, at the zero kilometer neighborhoods to be precise. The museum, which was originally a fortress during the colonialism era, was built in Dutch architectural style. The building then became a place to keep the history of Indonesia in the form of dioramas telling stories about the struggle of the heroes in fighting against the colonialist. Besides, there are also collections of photographs, uniforms, and various heritages from both sides of the heroes and the colonialist, all lined in neat rows in the rooms inside.