Number 10 is the First Ever in Indonesia

For train enthusiasts, Tugu Train Station reminds them of countless timeless stories. Its platform, structural details, and construction history can always be told as an amazing story.

Updated on 15 November 2018

Train still becomes the favorite of many people when it comes to traveling to Yogyakarta. Aside from being affordable, trains nowadays are designed to provide full comfort. Things are far better compared to when train wagons were cramped, smelly, and filled with hawkers and street musicians walking about. Passengers' awareness in maintaining cleanliness within the carriages has also improved.

Tugu Train Station is the main gate for the circulation of tourists seeking to spend their time in Yogyakarta. This is where thousands of train passengers get on and off for various purposes. The very building of this train station is a memento of the nation's distant past-the Dutch colonization. Indeed, the building was a legacy from the Dutch colonization era. It has been one of the silent witnesses of Indonesia's history, which is preserved in every structural details, every nook and cranny of the train station's interior and exterior. Tugu Train Station is equipped with several facilities that will make your visit to Jogja more pleasant. Some will help travelers who need to kill some time before they can check in at hotels or finish some arrangements needed to proceed to their next destinations. YogYes has compiled as many as 10 facilities that will help accommodate passengers' needs.


In the train station, lockers are located right in the center of the building, in the alleyway next to the entrance to the underpass, facing east. You can choose between the small ones or the big ones. The small ones are installed indoor, while the big ones are installed both indoor and outdoor. The big ones can accommodate 2 large suitcases while the small ones can fit 1 medium travel case or 2-4 backpacks. That's why you can share the lockers with friends and pay them collectively. After obtaining the receipt, passengers can directly put their baggage into the locker and keep the key. The storage fee is usually IDR 20,000 per 2 hours. The officer normally won't charge you if you're using it for less than an hour.

These lockers are in service from 6 am - 11 pm. Tugu Train Station's lockers really serve as a lifesafer for passengers wanting to stroll within the train station, look for something to eat, perform prayers, or do their business in the restroom but don't want to be carry their heavy baggage around.


Loko Cafe is an eatery managed by the subsidiary of PT KAI. Here passengers can enjoy various meals, ranging from food from various regions in the country, Asian food, to western cuisines. This cafe operates daily from 6 am - 10 pm. The price offered here is affordable, starting from IDR 5,000 for food and from IDR 6,000 for beverages. The interior is neat and cozy. However, passengers will have to bear the mechanical noises of the trains and seemingly endless announcements since the cafe is located at the center of Tugu Train Station.


All stations certainly have convenient stores or small stores selling various snacks and beverages. Passengers can buy various food or drinks to recharge their energy or replenish their supplies needed for their next journey. You can find such store within Tugu Train Station's area. Should you need to look for a convenient store that opens for 24 hours like Indomaret or Alfamart, you will have to exit the train station first. Indomaret is located next to the southern entrance, while Alfamart is at the parking lot area of Tugu Train Station.

4. ATM

In Tugu Train Station, there are several ATMs to accommodate passengers needing to withdraw some cash or make some payments. Long queue is a rare sight since there are more than one machines in the train station. The ATMs here are available for customers of the following banks: BRI, BNI, BCA, and ATM Link for shared use. These ATMs are located at the lobby of the northern entrance, right in front of Roti Maryam Salman's stand. They are always ready to serve passengers in need of fast and practical cash. You can withdraw in either IDR 50,000 or IDR 100,000 notes.


Traveling on a train is indeed fun; however passengers sometimes have to sit for a considerably long time. Some routes of train travel forces their passengers to sit for more than 8 hours before reaching Yogyakarta. The condition is worse for passengers of economy class since the space between seat rows is too small and does not give too many freedom of movement for their legs. Sitting for a long time is not good for health, especially for those having problems with their joints. Good news, passengers dropping off at Tugu Train Station will not have to worry about that since they can find massage chairs to soothe their sore muscles. Blood circulation will be back to its normal state and aching muscles will find their remedy. Passengers are only required to pay IDR 15,000 for a 10-minute massage. These chairs will provide comfort to the passengers' head, neck, back, and calf.


Bringing along our children during travels can be fun, but sometimes they refuse to do as they are told and tend to be very uncooperative. Tired children often fail in being patient when they have to wait for a long time such as hotel check-in time. Tugu Train Station is equipped with a playground to help parents deal with their bored children. This playground is located in front of the lockers. It is decorated with colorful mattresses and equally cheerful fences. Children can freely play with a swing, a slide, and a toy house.


Tugu Train Station provides a charging corner equipped with 4 power sockets. This maybe is the most popular facilities in the train station. This corner is located in front of platform 3 and seems to never run out of passengers wanting to charge their gadgets. Passengers often find out that their gadgets have run out of battery when they arrive, and whenever they do, they will always try to find a power socket to recharge their phones or tablets.

In addition the charging corner, Tugu Train Station is also equipped with charger on seat facility. This particular facility is meant for passengers sitting on the waiting chairs, enabling them to charge their gadgets from each seat available. These power charging facilities are available for free and can be used by all passengers. However, it is also advised to use them wisely since others might need to use them, too.


For passengers who do not have time to visit souvenir shops during their stay in Yogyakarta, they can still buy souvenirs at Tugu Train Station. Toegoe Resto is one of those places often visited by by tourists when they need to buy some gifts after entering the station's area. Even though it is a restaurant, Toegoe Resto offers a wide variety of souvenirs, a perfect choice for passengers who do not have time to travel a long way to reach souvenir shops. Bakpia Kurnia Sari is one of Jogja specialties sold here. Aside from that, other Jogjanese snacks are also available for you to buy as gifts for your beloved ones back at home.


The toilet in Tugu Train Station has changed considerably in terms of appearance. Now it looks like the one you'd find in a fancy hotel. Furthermore, the interior and atmosphere has also been upgraded. It is cleaner, smells better, and has better water circulation. With this kind of upgrade, the number of train users complaining about the hygiene of the toilet is beginning to dwindle. With this exclusive toilet, all passengers are provided with more comfort when they're in the station. At the outside of the toilet, passenger will find a touch-screen equipped monitor displaying three faces for "satisfied", "fairly satisfied" and "poorly satisfied" respectively. If a passenger is pressing the "poorly satisfied" face, a janitor will proceed into the toilet and clean it.


Any passengers in Tugu Train Station can use an executive lounge by paying IDR 50,000 (promotional price) and IDR 65,000 (regular price). With that price, a passenger can enjoy the exclusive lounge for a maximum of 4 hours. Until now, the executive lounge still applies its promotional price. Passengers can enjoy pleasant experiences from facilities such as cozy chairs, refreshing AC, soothing atmosphere, as well as buffet-style meals, snack and coffee, prayer room, toilet, smoking room, newspapers and magazines, charging spot, and free Wi-Fi. This lounge is perfect for hungry passengers waiting for trains scheduled at night since it operates from 3 pm to 10 pm. They don't have to worry about the heat, noises, or annoying smokes from other passengers' cigarette. This lounge can also accommodate passengers traveling in a group. For groups wanting to do a reservation, just call +62 274 292 3328 or contact the organizer via Whatsapp at +62 811 190 1830.