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Motocross / ATV at Parangtritis (10 Exciting Things to Do in Jogja)

Parangtritis Beach is one of the best tourism destinations to watch sunset while enjoying the fun of conquering the sand dune on a motocross / ATV (All-terrain Vehicle). When the sun is on the West and the weather is nice, this is the right time to have fun. Engage the gear and release the clutch while accelerating. Vroommm, the all-terrain motor will dash across the sand dunes along the beach. Even if you fall, the soft sands will catch you-just pray that the motor doesn't fall on you. Ouch!

About 10 Exciting Things to Do in Jogja

Jogja offers a whole lot of exciting things to pump up your adrenaline, from cave tubing to rock climbing. The possible risks are worth the sensation they offer.

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