Off Road Lava Tour at Merapi (10 Exciting Things to Do in Jogja)

Have your gut tested to try off-road ride on a Willy's Jeep, exploring the area around the line of cold lava or hot volcanic ash flow produced by Mount Merapi during eruptions. The steep contour of the land forces the Willy's engine to work hard to run through the sands and the scattering big rocks. The car will rock heavily; you'd need to hold on tight and align your body movement to the jeep so you wouldn't throw yourself out of the car. It may scare you a bit, but will surely attract you like opium that you just can't get enough of. Apart from the fun and adrenalin rush, Merapi Lava Tour will also provide you with a thorough understanding and description of Mount Merapi.

Don't eat too much before getting into the ride. When passing through Kaliadem, which is full of large volcanic materials, the car's movement will likely cause strong stirs in your stomach.

About 10 Exciting Things to Do in Jogja

Jogja offers a whole lot of exciting things to pump up your adrenaline, from cave tubing to rock climbing. The possible risks are worth the sensation they offer.

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