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Cave Tubing at Gua Pindul (10 Exciting Things to Do in Jogja)

Exploring a river on a rubber boat is just ordinary, but it is not ordinary when the river flows inside a cave as it certainly will be an exciting and thrilling experience. You will be taken to explore a 300m-long river inside a cave. The cold water caressing your body, the moist air you breathe, and the minimum amount of light will make your heart beats faster. Hide away the fear of dark, drowning, or suffocating. The Cave Tubing Gua Pindul package at Pindul Cave includes life jackets, tire lifebuoy, and trained guides.

About 10 Exciting Things to Do in Jogja

Jogja offers a whole lot of exciting things to pump up your adrenaline, from cave tubing to rock climbing. The possible risks are worth the sensation they offer.

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