Pumping Up New Spirit with Fun Activities

Jogja offers a whole lot of exciting things to pump up your adrenaline, from cave tubing to rock climbing. The possible risks are worth the sensation they offer.

Updated on 19 November 2018

"The danger sensation is exciting. The challenge is to find new dangers."
Ayrton Senna

Apparently, the Formula 1 legend is right; the sensation of danger is very exciting. The potential risks of drowning, falling, and getting injured are lurking behind these fun activities, but instead they are what have led many into doing it again and again. Here are the exciting places for fun activities in Jogja, ranging from the lightest ones to the most death-challenging.

1. Cave Tubing at Gua Pindul

Exploring a river on a rubber boat is just ordinary, but it is not ordinary when the river flows inside a cave as it certainly will be an exciting and thrilling experience. You will be taken to explore a 300m-long river inside a cave. The cold water caressing your body, the moist air you breathe, and the minimum amount of light will make your heart beats faster. Hide away the fear of dark, drowning, or suffocating. The Cave Tubing Gua Pindul package at Pindul Cave includes life jackets, tire lifebuoy, and trained guides.

2. Off Road Lava Tour at Merapi

Have your gut tested to try off-road ride on a Willy's Jeep, exploring the area around the line of cold lava or hot volcanic ash flow produced by Mount Merapi during eruptions. The steep contour of the land forces the Willy's engine to work hard to run through the sands and the scattering big rocks. The car will rock heavily; you'd need to hold on tight and align your body movement to the jeep so you wouldn't throw yourself out of the car. It may scare you a bit, but will surely attract you like opium that you just can't get enough of. Apart from the fun and adrenalin rush, Merapi Lava Tour will also provide you with a thorough understanding and description of Mount Merapi.

Don't eat too much before getting into the ride. When passing through Kaliadem, which is full of large volcanic materials, the car's movement will likely cause strong stirs in your stomach.

3. Motocross / ATV at Parangtritis

Parangtritis Beach is one of the best tourism destinations to watch sunset while enjoying the fun of conquering the sand dune on a motocross / ATV (All-terrain Vehicle). When the sun is on the West and the weather is nice, this is the right time to have fun. Engage the gear and release the clutch while accelerating. Vroommm, the all-terrain motor will dash across the sand dunes along the beach. Even if you fall, the soft sands will catch you-just pray that the motor doesn't fall on you. Ouch!

4. Hiking at Nglanggeran

Gunung Nglanggeran is the perfect place for vacation when you're bored with beaches and the city. Although it means that you'd walk a long, exhausting road, the efforts are worth it. Hiking on the giant andesite rocks that once formed a volcano will be an unforgettable experience. It will be an exciting experience to walk through the steeps surrounded by rocky hills on the left and right side. The higher you hike, the steeper the track. A narrow passage awaits, enclosed by rocky hills on both sides. The passage is only passable by one person, "This is so much like that of the 127 Hours movie: thrilling yet cool..."

Bring enough supplies of food and drink. Don't go hiking during the rainy season as the track will be slippery and dangerous.

5. Kayaking at Pantai Glagah

The lagoon in Glagah Beach serves as a beautiful place for kayaking. Although not considered extreme sports, kayaking on the lagoon will still make your heart beats faster. Put your life jacket on, keep your body balanced, and start rowing. Just enjoy rowing the kayak on the quiet lagoon with the view of Glagah Beach in the background.

6. Caving at Gua Jomblang

If you're in for challenging sports, then you must try Jomblang Cave! Feel the most spectacular experience of going down into a cave with old forest inside and witnessing the fascinating "heavenly light". Using Single Rope Technique (SRT) and complete equipment, you'll go down and deeper into the old forest on to the bottom of the cave. Keep walking through the dark alley of approximately 300 m in length, and you'll arrive at Grubug Cave, the best spot to watch the "heavenly light".

7. Paragliding from Parang Endog

It's amazing to know how it feels to fly like a bird! As you take off from above Parang Endog Hill with the help of the strong wind of the beach, the paraglide will tremble while your heart beats much faster. From up above, you will be served with the fantastic view of Parangtritis Beach. Interested in trying out the adrenaline rushing experience? Just come to Parang Endog; the "pilots" are at your service to be your tandem.

8. Sailing Gondola at Pantai Timang

Do at your own risk! This is the first thing you should know firsthand before deciding to get onto traditional gondolas at Timang Beach. The gondola is a simple wooden box equipped with several pulleys and nine ropes with no warranties; no one can guarantee that the rope will not break or that the gondola is not worn out.

The gut-challenging gondolas are the only means of transportation used by the lobster collectors to take them from the coral hills at Timang Beach to the neighboring Watu Panjang Island. However, since the last years, many tourists have come to have a try on the sensation of danger of riding on a gondola. The view served at Watu Panjang Island is of incomparable charm. The lines of the Southern beaches, from Krakal Beach to the twin Turtle Island at Nglambor Beach, can be seen clearly.

9. Surfing at Pantai Krakal

It is an extreme, challenging experience to surf in a Krakal Beach with coral reefs under the water surface. This activity is only recommended for professional surfers. Surfers would need to walk to the lines of coral reefs off shore to meet the challenging reef break waves. Physical injuries due to crashing against the coral reefs are inevitable, so it is recommended that you bring your first aid kit.

10. Rock Climbing at Pantai Siung

Siung Beach is the paradise for rock climbers. The beach is rich of giant coral hills with 250 climbing tracks. It comprises tens of cliff blocks of different heights and difficulty levels. You may begin from the welcome cliff at the leading block and to the higher cliffs behind. You can also try the sensation of hanging bivak, spending the night hanging above the cliff. This will obviously be an experience you won't forget.