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Eat Like A Local Fellow (10 Budget Travel Tips in Jogja)

Culinary has been one of the options to try while spending holidays in Jogja. However, sometimes popular restaurants impose too expensive prices. So, if you want to cut your budget down, you will need to manage your culinary tour schedule. You can set a plan to enjoy a popular culinary only once each day, while the rest of your dining times should be spent like the locals. Meatballs, soto, chicken noodles or other local foods will be satisfying for your taste and won't cost too much. provides you with many lists, including 10 places to enjoy delicious meatballs in Jogja, and so on.

About 10 Budget Travel Tips in Jogja

As a popular paradise of tourism in Indonesia, Jogja seems to never run out of visitors, either domestic or international tourists. Jogja is indeed known as a budget-friendly destination. Still, you need to consider these 10 tips to keep your budget prote

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10 Budget Travel Tips in Jogja: Fun Guaranteed, Budget Protected