Visiting 5 Cultural Park in Yogyakarta by Trans Jogja

Trans Jogja is a public transport which is safe and using air conditioner with a rate 3600 IDR for each way. This article will tell about itinerary using Trans Jogja to visit cultural park and museums in Yogyakarta.

Updated on 26 September 2019

Duration: 1 day
Category: arts and cultural tour, educational tour, night tours in Yogyakarta
Visited places: Museum Affandi, Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta (BBY), Jogja Gallery, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta (TBY), km 0 Jogja
Estimated cost: IDR 29,000 / person (transport + admission fee)

The rainy December is an appropriate time to go to the arts events in Yogyakarta. In this month, there are several art exhibitions and art performances which are held in this city which is known by its art and culture. The art establishment in Yogyakarta cannot be separated by the art communities which are thrived in this city. Art of Yogyakarta can be traced from pre-Independence era. Affandi is an example. He is a maestro in fine arts who inspires many artists in Indonesia. All kinds of arts, such as fine arts, music, literature, and all performances (traditional, modern, or contemporary) scattered from North to South of Yogyakarta. Exploring Yogyakarta, it means to explore the various kinds of art ethic are grew from time to time.

The first destination is Affandi Museum (+62 274 562593). For tourists who had just got off by the train, you can walk about 5-10 minutes to Malioboro. From @ 674, please take 1A to go Halte Jl. Solo (Jogja Bisnis). For tourist who came by plane, you can use 1A from Halte Jl. Solo (Jogja Bisnis) (In front of Ambarukmo Plaza Yogyakarta). After the bus stop, you can walk about 10 minutes to the west to go Afandi. A museum which is located in the Laksda Adisucipto Street is the most complete museum in collecting the work of arts which is no one museum can compare with it. Affandi Museum collects works of Affandi, Indonesia's most famous maestro in art who died in the 90s era. Seeing Affandi's works, we can see a little bit of Indonesia's history. Not only Affandi's works, but also Kartika Affandi's works and other Impressionist painters' works are collected and displayed in this museum. You only need IDR 20,000 to see all of those collections. The museum opens daily on Monday-Friday at 9am-4pm and Saturday at 9am-1pm. Besides that, you can also refresh your mind with enjoying this museum which is designed like European castle and Gajah Wong River view below it.

Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta (BBY), an old building which had important values to make arts in Yogyakarta grew is our next destination. BBY is located in Suroto Street No. 2, Kotabaru. From Affandi Museum, you can walk to the west to go to Halte Jl. Solo (Gedung Wanita) to take 1A, a route that will take you to Halte Sudirman 1, after that you walk to the South to Suroto Street about 5 minutes. Throughout the history, BBY held almost 200 art events. Each months, there must be art exhibitions (fine arts, paintings, photography, graphic, sculpture, and ceramic), traditional arts, film screenings, and discussions. Besides exhibition, there is always a special event at BBY, Jazz Mben Senen. You can listen to the music from Yogyakarta's jazz musicians every Monday night. It brings romance atmosphere to spend the nights in Yogyakarta.

Our next destination is Nol Kilometer area as the main area in Yogyakarta. Who does not know this area? Many musicians, poets, and artist were born from this area. As for examples W.S. Rendra and Ugo Untoro, a poet and an artist which are close with Yogyakarta's streets. From Halte Sudirman 1, you can use 1A to reach Halte Malioboro 2. Before the trip continues, you can eat special culinary in the Malioboro's roadside. After eating you can walk through the South to go to Alun-Alun Yogyakarta to visit Jogja Gallery (Pekapalan Street No. 7). Located right in the point of Nol Kilometer, Jogja Gallery (+62 274 419999, 421023) is used as a place which the function is as a meeting point between arts community and society. Using "Rumah Bersama" (collective house) for artists and art lovers as the concept, Jogja Gallery becomes an icon of cultural collectivity. Regularly, Jogja Gallery holds a visual arts exhibition, non-cooperation exhibitions, works of art consignment, and friends of Jogja Gallery. There are also a library and an art-shop here.

From Jogja Gallery, you can walk to the North to go to the complex of Taman Budaya Yogyakarta (TBY). Because this historical building had produced many famous artist, so this it is a must for arts lover to visit TBY. As the window of Yogyakarta, TBY offers many arts performance and exhibitions that will open your mind. Performances, exhibitions, contemporary and traditional performing arts festivals are the events that always held in TBY. For example, there are Art-Jog (an annual fine arts event), Biennale Yogyakarta which are always held in December-January, and Jogja Broadway, a play performance event every vacation season. You can refresh your eyes, ears, and soul in this place.

Our last destination is to enjoy the night at Nol Kilometer. Usually, a lot of art installations, performance-art, and poetry declamations are hold in this area. A lively and friendly night will brings you the atmosphere of togetherness. The sound from Musicians Street will tone up your night. Ah, Yogyakarta is a city of art. Art grows everywhere and it will bring the harmony that makes Yogyakarta be more special. Well, life is short while art will long last. So why do not we make this short life to be more artful by enjoying the arts itself?