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Your Business Partner. Grand Max is a suitable company for doing your business everywhere. Its powerful engine can accommodate large loads, both goods and people.

CategoryMinivan / Pickup
Capacity8 - 9 seater (mini bus), 2 seater (pick-up)
Engine1300 cc (88PS/6000rpm)
1500 cc (97PS/6000rpm) provides this list of Rent Daihatsu Gran Max in Yogyakarta to help travelers in Yogyakarta. Please let us know if you do not get the price, service, facilities or gifts as promised.

Rent A Daihatsu Gran Max Car + Driver + BBM (All-in)

Rent A Daihatsu Gran Max Car + Driver

Rent A Daihatsu Gran Max (Self Drive)

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TypeCar Rentals (Self Drive)
Daihatsu Gran Max (1300 cc, 2013)IDR 200,000 / 12 hours