Compare Car Rental Prices in Yogyakarta by Model

  • Rent Daihatsu Ayla in Yogyakarta

    Daihatsu Ayla has spacious cabin for 5 passengers and large luggage with flexible seat arrangement. It has a light engine capacity which offers comfort to your family trip.

  • Rent Daihatsu Gran Max in Yogyakarta

    Your Business Partner. Grand Max is a suitable company for doing your business everywhere. Its powerful engine can accommodate large loads, both goods and people.

  • Rent Daihatsu Luxio in Yogyakarta

    As a minivan, Daihatsu Luxio has an extra large cabin with additional luggage space. The high engine capacity makes Daihatsu Luxio a suitable car for accommodating groceries during vacation.

  • Rent Daihatsu Xenia in Yogyakarta

    Daihatsu Xenia is a widely-used family car in Indonesia with low rental cost. It has a number of interesting features that makes it suitable for traveling in Yogyakarta.

  • Rent Honda Brio in Yogyakarta

    Its streamlined size allows this car to maneuver between crowded traffic and narrow streets of Jogja. Honda Brio is a right choice for those who plan to do city tour.

  • Rent Honda Jazz in Yogyakarta

    Honda Jazz is a precious friend for young souls. It has a spacious cabin for city car class and offers a number of fun features that will pamper you during your trip.

  • Rent Honda Mobilio in Yogyakarta

    Honda Mobilio is a mini-MPV with spacious cabin that makes it suitable for family trip. It has Eco Indicator and Torque Boost Resonator features which provide great power with minimal fuel consumption.

  • Rent Isuzu Elf in Yogyakarta

    As a legend in micro bus category, Isuzu Elf is suitable for groups who want to enjoy a number of attractive places in Yogyakarta. With 12-18 seat capacity, Isuzu Elf can make your vacation merrier.

  • Rent KIA Pregio in Yogyakarta

    Kia Pregio is a minivan suitable for those who are concerned more to functions than to attractive design. It has a simple design with flexible seats which will pamper us during a long distance trip.

  • Rent KIA Travello in Yogyakarta

    Kia Travello is a high-powered minivan - suitable for trips to locations outside Jogja. Its accommodative cabin design will bring comfort during your trip.

  • Rent Nissan Grand Livina in Yogyakarta

    Nissan Grand Livina is a family car boasting high performance in speed and stability without compromising the comfort its class brings. Therefore, it is the right car for accompanying your family trip in Yogyakarta.

  • Rent Suzuki APV in Yogyakarta

    As a family car, APV is known for its unique design and large capacity. Aside from its capability of carrying large loads, it also offers extra space and comfort during your trip.

  • Rent Suzuki Ertiga in Yogyakarta

    Suzuki Ertiga is a suitable ride for modern family. It has lightweight engine boasting large capacity. Its interesting features offers economical yet comfortable trip.

  • Rent Toyota Agya in Yogyakarta

    Toyota Agya is a small car - suitable for you who likes city tour. It is equipped with dual airbag to make your trip safe and fun.

  • Rent Toyota Alphard in Yogyakarta

    As a premium car, Toyota Alphard is the right choice for fancy, stylish, and comfortable vacation. It is equipped with high-powered engines that can take you to various destinations in Yogyakarta.

  • Rent Toyota Avanza in Yogyakarta

    Toyota Avanza is the most commonly used car in this city. The features and comfort it offers makes it a right car for bringing you to your favorite places in Yogyakarta. The rent price for Toyota Avanza is quite cheap compared to other type of car.

  • Rent Toyota Fortuner in Yogyakarta

    Toyota Fortuner is a tough SUV car capable of handling any types of terrain. It is the right car for trips to remote places in Yogyakarta.

  • Rent Toyota HiAce in Yogyakarta

    Besides its large capacity, Toyota Hiace also offers interesting features that add to the excitement of your vacation. Its luxurious design offers comfort during your trip.

  • Rent Toyota Innova in Yogyakarta

    As a family car comfortable for traveling, Innova is with a qualified engine capacity in climbing heavy terrain. Dual SRS Airbag and Side Impact Beam features in Toyota Innova increase the family's safety while traveling.

  • Rent Toyota Yaris in Yogyakarta

    It is the right choice for dynamic souls who want to enjoy the city without rush. Its low ground clearance design makes it stable and comfortable for city tour.

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