Mini Zoo Accommodating Tradition

Jl. Bantul Km 1/141, Dongkelan, Yogyakarta
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PASTY is a paradise for animal and ornament plant lovers in Jogja. It is a mini zoo with all sorts of animals for sale. PASTY also accommodates a tradition growing among Javanese men: having birds as pets to comply with one of the chivalry criterias.

Updated on 16 September 2019

Lorong Antar Toko
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Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday: 7AM - 5PM

Dozens of Ngasem Bird Market's regular bird vendors indulged themselves in a kirab (a procession, usually as part of a cultural ritual/ceremony) on Thursday, 22 April 2010. They wore neat traditional outfits, rode on andong (a type of horse cart) passing through Pojok Benteng Kulon (the remaining of what used to be the western corner of the palace's four forts) to move to a new place that has been provided for them. They brought along their birds and birdcages, the pillars that so far have been sustaining their lives.

Tugu Peresmian
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That morning, kirab boyongan (a procession of moving from one place to another, which, for this particular case, refers to the moving of the bird vendors from their old place, Ngasem Bird Market, to the new place, PASTY) was carried out. Ngasem Bird Market that had existed for dozens of years, marking the existence of Javanese men keeping singing birds as pets, was left behind. A more proper market for both animals and ornament plants was then opened and the tradition was continued from there.

Burung Pleci
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A fancy gate with lettering that says PASTY, (Pasar Satwa dan Tanaman Hias Yogyakarta / Yogyakarta Animal and Ornament Plant Market), for Animal Zone which sits at the opposite of the gate of Ornament Plant Zone, becomes the main object that attracts visitors. These two zones are separated solely by Jalan Bantul.

Pintu Masuk Pasty
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Entering the gate of animal zone, the chirping of the birds can be heard clearly, coming one after another, puppies barking in turns, and a lot of fish swimming gracefully inside fish tanks of different sizes. The muddy, thronged, and dark animal market has now gone.

Kios Akuarium dan Ikan
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Dozens of kiosks are neatly organised based on the type of animal sold. The space between each kiosk is made broader to provide visitors with better comfort. Various kinds of animal, starting from various types of birds, dogs, fishes, hamsters, reptiles, and even unique animals such as merpati keriting (curly feathered pigeon), pitik walik (chicken with reversed-growing feather) and ayam jambul (crowned chicken/Poland chicken) will greet you as you walk by.

Pithik Walik
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On the opposite side, just across the animal zone, dozens of kiosks selling all sorts of ornament plants offer you a remedy for your boredom. Seen from the outside, cute cacti, sunkist variegata, unique striped oranges, shrubs, and even roses are immaculately displayed.

They lure a lot of people to go inside buildings with semi-open structure, where dazzling orchids of various kinds, chrysanthemums, anthuriums, and Liliums are sitting majestically on their thrones. They patiently wait to be taken home as either lovely addition for the garden or room decoration.

Bunga Anggrek
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Spending time in PASTY is not just about buying or selling animals and ornament plants. The new face of bird market often brings animal skills into a performance session, especially those belong to birds. Singing bird arena, held on certain days and sitting on one side of the market compound, is often flocked with people attracted to singing bird show.

Arena Burung Kicau
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As if not willing to lose the competition, pigeon vendors also have something similarly interesting. They keep showing the arts of handling their merpati gaburan (racing pigeons)-letting them fly for a while then return to their mates. The more time one spends to watch these shows, the bigger one's desire to have a bird as a pet. Once the price is agreed, visitors may bring their dream birds right away.

Merpati Aduan
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Getting tired of walking around, you can take some rest in the gazebos provided on some spots around the market. Either one of sonorous sound of birds chirping one after another in the animal zone, or the calm and refreshing atmosphere in ornament plant zone can drive away all of your fatigue. Starving? No need to worry, PASTY has a food court so that you wouldn't have to wonder where to satisfy your hunger.

PASTY has indeed silently turned into a paradise for animal and ornament plant lovers in Jogja. It's like a mini zoo whose collection you can own for yourself. In addition, it is also an entertaining playground for children, a place where they can play around while getting to know various types of animals and ornament plants to your heart's content.

(YogYes.com / Jaya Tri Hartono)

For photography enthusiasts, PASTY is a model keeping them adjusting the focus and taking pictures on and on. While for Javanese men, PASTY is a place that accommodates a tradition, a place where they can find one of five chivalry criterias: wisma (a place to live, a house), wanita (woman), turangga (horse), kukila (birds) and curiga (keris, traditional Javanese dagger).