Telescoping Borobudur Temple from The Hills of Sleeping Buddha

Desa Gerbosari, Samigaluh, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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Suroloyo Peak is the highest peak of Menoreh mountains. From the height of 1019 m above sea level, we can telescope Borobudur Temple which looks very small surrounded by 4 of its "fortress": Mount Sindoro, Sumbing, Merbabu, and Merapi.

Updated on 15 September 2018

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Entrance Ticket to Glagah, Congot, Trisik Beach, Sermo Reservoir, Kiskendo Cave, Suroloyo Peak, and Tanjungsari Swimming Pool (2018)
IDR 5,000

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Monday to Sunday: open 24 hours

On the nortwest side of Borobudur Temple stretches Menoreh mountains that look like a silhouette of sleeping Budda statue, just its size is really huge. In the 18th century, a poet from Surakarta Palace, Ngabehi Yasadipura I, once wrote a literary work entitled Serat Cabolek (Cabolek Letter). Narrated in the letter, Raden Mas Rangsang, then held the title of Sultan Agung Hanyokrokusuma, got a prophecy that he would become the ruler of the land of Java, therefore he had to walk from Kotagede Palace towards Menoreh Hills. In order to be the ruler, he had to do kesatrian penance (tapa of kesatrian) in one of the peaks in Menoreh Hills which is now known as Suroloyo Peak. This area must be visited as a "dessert" of the discovery tour of the world's treasure in Borobudur.

The journey to Suroloyo Peak has its own adventure that is full of challenges. Narrow streets full of steep slopes, sharp turns, and enclosed by hills and cliffs, becomes a thrilling journey. But the fear will be replaced by the amazement when you see the view that lies around. Apparent groups of hills stand firmly to protect rural areas in the valley surrounded by paddy fields and plantation. As far as the eye could see is that the color of green combines with the blue of the sky and white clouds. Occasionally, wildflowers that grow gracefully in the middle of clump weeds can be seen.

After 15 km trip by motorcycle, YogYES eventually stepped on Suroloyo. To reach its peak, there were 286 steps with a high degree slope to be climbed. Firstly, the climb was still normal, but starting on the 100th stair, YogYES started panting breath and it was almost finished over. After resting on the step, the climb was continued again slowly. Once stepping on Suroloyo Peak which has a height of 1019 m above sea level, YogYES was welcomed by dozens of fluttering sparrows, butterflies, and dragonflie. A flock of birds and a group of insects flew low over YogYES' head as if to say welcome.

Beautiful and stunning scenery unfolds before eyes. The terraced-shaped paddy fields decorate the walls of the hills combined intimately with valleys and rural areas. From the distance, Mount Sindoro, Sumbing, Merbabu, and Merapi are visibly peeking behind clouds. Borobudur Temple is seen in a very small size, hidden behind trees. And YogYES was choked when suddenly a cloud slowly drifted not far from where YogYES was standing.