A Historical Cave Under The Tree Giant Klumpit

Playen, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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Rancang Kencono is a cave that saves stories from the pre historic period until the struggle of Mataram people. A giant klumpit tree has been the witness of every story happening there.

Updated on 7/24/2015

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Open daily
07.00 a.m - 05.00 p.m

Gunungkidul is one of regencies belongs to the karst area of Sewu mountain that has unique landscape. Besides its surface phenomenon (eksokarst) that forms range of karst hills, there is also other phenomenon under the surface of the earth (endokarst) in forms of underground rivers, valleys, lakes, luweng, and caves, so that's why there are many caves located in the bowels of the earth in Gunungkidul. One of the cave that is save to get in without any special equipment is Rancang Kencono cave located in Bleberan tourism village.

Based on a book entitled "Mozaik Pusaka Budaya Yogyakarta" written by Balai Pelestarian Peninggalan Purbakala Yogyakarta (Archeological Service), Rancang Kencono is an ancient cave having the same age as Braholo cave in Rongkop district. It is based on the finding of artifact and bones that are estimated lived thousands years ago. It has wide room with klumpit tree (Terminalia edulis) that is also estimated about 200 years old. It had been a place for Mataram people and soldiers to make strategy for expelling the Dutch from Yogyakarta. Since it was used to rancang (plan) something for good thing, so this cave was named Rancang Kencono.

To get to this cave, we only need to go down old rocky stairs and if you are there, at the edge of the cave you will be greeted by a giant old klumpit tree indicated by a big hole in its trunk. Rancang Kencono has quite wide chamber that can be used as meeting room decorated by stalactites on the top. Beside the big room, there is a small dark room. To get to this room, we should pass a narrow path that forces us to bow. There is Indonesian flag and some slogan to burn the spirit of struggle among the soldiers. After 10 minutes inside, YogYES decided to go out from this room because of the damp atmosphere, then we went back to the wide room.

Not only the narrow and dark in the recesses of the cave, on the other side there is also a path that purportedly connects this cave to Sri Gethuk falls. When we got in the path, we must walk in squatting position even sometimes we must crawl. According to the organizer, some parts of the path had been fell out, so it's impossible to go through. At night, when the moon light shines on Rancang Kencono, it will look mystical and exotic. The twinkle of the stars and the lamp became our companion to enjoy a cup of wedang jahe (ginger drink) together with the insect and the wind sound that made a harmonious composition. Those things accompanied us to talk until late.

Notes: Rancang Kencono cave is a tourism object that is fully organized by the local people of Bleberan tourism village. Further information to visit or use the camp site in Rancang Kencono cave complex, you can contact Kohar (+62 853 3400 57000) and Tri Harjono (+62 813 2821 6842).