Photo Jaya Tri Hartono. Copyright ©

Photo #8 of Embung Batara Sriten

The Tugu Magir Peak presents a 360-degree panoramic view of the lower regions around it. As far as the eyes can see, we can see the landscape of the City of Klaten with Jombor Swamp, the City of Jogja with the dashing Mount Merapi, the line of Gunungkidul mountains stretching to Wonogiri.

About Embung Batara Sriten

Batara Sriten is not a name among the many gods and goddesses in the Javanese shadow puppet stories. It is only a man-made lake on top of the highest peak of Gunungkidul, offering the panoramic beauty to fascinate everyone.

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EMBUNG BATARA SRITEN - Fascinated by the Batara, The Highest Man-Made Lake in Jogja