31 Places to Breathe Fresh Air in Yogyakarta

See Cave Tubing Gua Pindul, Jomblang Cave, and many others.

  • Lepo Falls
    "Erawan Falls" in the Far Corner of Dlingo

    Ledok Pokoh is now a new destination for fun vacation. Just like Erawan Falls in Thailand, Lepo Falls has 3 waterfalls and 4 natural pools to swim or play in 'till you lose track of time.

    0813 2539 6505

  • Kalisuci Cave Tubing
    An Intimate Experience with The Stream in The Bowels of The Earth

    Wading across the river that cuts across the karst slope on a floating tube will serve special sensation. The real adventure will begin when the stream enters the dark cave, so prepare yourself for this unforgettable exotic adventure.

    0877 3879 4513

  • Cave Tubing Gua Pindul
    An Adventure of Going along Underground River That Has Many Stories

    Feel the sensation of an adventure in the river inside a cave using a lifebelt. While going through the dark valley in the cave with stalactite and stalagmite, you will also have a story about the journey of Joko Singlulung looking for his father.

  • Ketingan Tourism Village
    Chosen Habitation for Thousands of Herons

    The busy voice of thousands herons was heard as we entered the area of Ketingan Tourism Village. It's been years since the birds chose to stay on the tall trees there, sharing quarters and living together with the local people.

    0822 2789 386

  • Embung Batara Sriten
    Fascinated by the Batara, The Highest Man-Made Lake in Jogja

    Batara Sriten is not a name among the many gods and goddesses in the Javanese shadow puppet stories. It is only a man-made lake on top of the highest peak of Gunungkidul, offering the panoramic beauty to fascinate everyone.

  • Jomblang Cave
    An Ancient Forest and Heavenly Light in The Bowel of The Earth

    Jomblang cave is a vertical cave with dense ancient forest below. A 300 meter alley with its beautiful natural ornament will bring you to the edge of Gua Grubug (Grubug Cave), a place where you can see light from heaven.

    0811 117 010

  • Kiskendo Cave
    A Piece of Ramayana Epic Left in a Cave

    Kiskendo Cave offers an experience of exploring through the long curves of the cave decorated by stalactites and the traces of what's left deep in the Earth from a piece of story of the Ramayana epic.

  • Rancang Kencono Cave
    A Historical Cave Under The Tree Giant Klumpit

    Rancang Kencono is a cave that saves stories from the pre historic period until the struggle of Mataram people. A giant klumpit tree has been the witness of every story happening there.

    0853 3400 5700

  • Gunung Nglanggeran
    An Ancient Volcano with 7 Families on Its Peak

    Mount Nglanggeran is an ancient volcano form a giant boulder. Besides being able to watch the sunset & sunrise dazzling and sparkling Yogyakarta at night, in the East Peak Nglanggeran there are also the mystery of hamlet with 7 heads of households.

    0818 0260 6050

  • Kalibiru
    Enjoying the Emotional Mountains of Menoreh

    Waiting for the sunset to come above the lines of pine trees, within the green mountains of Menoreh, while watching the lake from afar. The fresh air and tranquil place are the relief for stress.

    0813 9294 7249

  • Kaliurang
    Tour a la Madam and Meneer

    To enjoy the enchanting natural view in the north end of Yogyakarta. To touch the cool air and feel romantic atmosphere a la Dutch madam and meneer of the past time in Kaliurang that is located at the foot of Merapi Mountain.

  • Mount Merapi
    Admiring Sunrise at Indonesia's Most Active Volcano

    Enjoying sunrise at the country's most active volcano, while directly seeing Merapi's whirling caldera-it's a must-have experience in life.

  • Suroloyo Peak
    Telescoping Borobudur Temple from The Hills of Sleeping Buddha

    Suroloyo Peak is the highest peak of Menoreh mountains. From the height of 1019 m above sea level, we can telescope Borobudur Temple which looks very small surrounded by 4 of its "fortress": Mount Sindoro, Sumbing, Merbabu, and Merapi.

  • Selokan Mataram
    Cycling Along The Historic Ditch

    If you were raised as "city people", going along the Mataram ditch can be a minor yet pleasant adventure to enjoy the sceneries of green rice fields and shepherds, and to go off road by crossing Krasak River while carrying our mountain bike.

  • Sri Gethuk Water Fall
    Thunderous Sound in The Silence in Dry Region

    Located between Oya river surrounded by green rice field area, Sri Gethuk water fall flows without being influenced by the weather. It's thunderous sound seems breaking the silence in Gunungkidul that is well-known as a dry region.

    0853 3400 5700

  • Sermo Reservoir
    Waiting for Sunset at the Bank of the Lake

    As the only dam in Jogja, Sermo Reservoir is like an oasis in the middle of the exotic limestone mountains of Menoreh. Sailing on a boat across the dam or enjoying the sunset at the bank will both offer the same fun.

  • Wanagama
    Piece of a Story about Reforestation and The Teak Wood Tree of Prince Charles

    Strong will of a temporary Srikandi named Oemi Han'in was able to change lime hill critical land into green forest. It was such a great reforestation that made Prince Charles visited Wanagama and left reminiscence there.

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