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Explore the Architectural Wonders of the Lost Civilization in Yogyakarta

As a well-known archaeotourism destination, Yogyakarta is a paradise where you can explore ancient temples and discover the ruins of the lost, mysterious civilization.

  • Prambanan Temple The Most Beautiful Hindu Temple in the World
  • Sambisari Temple 21 Years Constructing The "Giant Puzzle of Stone"
  • Plaosan Temple The Twin Temple near Prambanan
  • Ijo Temple The Temple Located at The Highest Place in Yogyakarta
  • Tara Temple The Oldest Buddhism Heritage in Yogyakarta
  • Borobudur Temple An Architectural Masterpiece of 9th Century
  • Barong Temple Barong Kalas' Smiles to Accompany You for the Sunset
  • King Boko Palace The Glory on a Peaceful Hill
  • Mendut Temple A Throne for The Giant Buddha Statue
  • Pawon Temple The Midpoint of The Three Buddha Temples
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