Explore the 12 Architectural Wonders of the Lost Civilization in Yogyakarta and Surrounding Areas

As a well-known archaeotourism destination, Yogyakarta is a paradise where you can explore ancient temples and discover the ruins of the lost, mysterious civilization.

  • Borobudur Temple
    An Architectural Masterpiece of 9th Century

    Borobudur temple is the most magnificent Buddhist monument and the largest stupa complex in the world that is recognized by UNESCO. Borobudur Temple as a whole becomes a masterpiece gallery of stone carvers.

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  • Prambanan Temple
    The Most Beautiful Hindu Temple in the World

    Prambanan is the masterpiece of Hindu culture of the tenth century. The slim building soaring up to 47 meters makes its beautiful architecture incomparable.

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  • Mendut Temple
    A Throne for The Giant Buddha Statue

    Mendut Temple is a Buddhist temple built by King Indra of Syailendra Dynasty. Mendut Temple niches became the throne for a large Buddha statue.

  • King Boko Palace
    The Glory on a Peaceful Hill

    King Boko Palace is a luxurious palace complex that was built in the eighth century. The most luxurious building during its time was built by one of the relatives of Borobudur founder.

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  • Ijo Temple
    The Temple Located at The Highest Place in Yogyakarta

    Ijo (in Javanese language, this word means 'Green') temple is a temple located at the highest place in Yogyakarta that presents natural and cultural enchantment with additional view of taking off and landing airplane.

  • Plaosan Temple
    The Twin Temple near Prambanan

    Plaosan temple that was built by Rakai Pikatan has some uniqueness compared to other temples, namely its twin main temple and the terrace with smooth surface. In this temple, there are Vajrapani, Amitbha, and Prajnaparamitha figures.

  • Tara Temple
    The Oldest Buddhism Heritage in Yogyakarta

    Tara Temple is the oldest Buddhism temple in Yogyakarta that was built by Rakai Panangkaran, the king of Syailendra dynasty who also conceptualized the construction of Borobudur Temple.

  • Pawon Temple
    The Midpoint of The Three Buddha Temples

    Different from other temples that are nearby, Pawon Temple has vent in its chambers. Pawon Temples becomes the midpoint linking Mendut Temple and Borobudur Temple.

  • Sambisari Temple
    21 Years Constructing The "Giant Puzzle of Stone"

    After being buried under the earth for hundreds of years, the first slab of the stone was discovered in 1966. It took 21 years to excavate and construct hundreds of "puzzle" pieces of the stones before Sambisari temple finally stands firmly.

  • Barong Temple
    Barong Kalas' Smiles to Accompany You for the Sunset

    On Batur Agung Hill, in the southeast of Ratu Boko Palace, there is a temple complex where farmers worshipped God Wisnu and Goddess Sri. The smiling kala barong ornaments on each side of the temple is the hallmark, attracting people to pay the temple a vi

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