When Ferocious Waves Meet Quiet Lagoon

Temon, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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Here at the most famous beach in Kulon Progo, you can go fishing, cycling, sailing on a canoe across the lagoon, riding on a motorcross, or just sitting relaxed and enjoying tetrapods struggling to break the waves while waiting for the sunset to come.

Updated on 24 October 2018

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Entrance Ticket to Glagah, Congot, Trisik Beach, Sermo Reservoir, Kiskendo Cave, Suroloyo Peak, and Tanjungsari Swimming Pool (2018)
IDR 5,000

Opening Hours
Monday to Sunday: open 24 hours

Mentioning Glagah Beach, wave breakers and lagoon are the words that will instantly come to mind. The two words reflect the two contrasting characteristics of the black sand beach. Hundreds of tetrapods lining along the West edge of the beach stand strong against the ferocious Southern Sea waves.

During new moon when the waves come rolling, we can see how the waves are breaking and the froths burst to the land. On the other hand, the quiet, vast lagoon nearby seems so friendly to young children who want to play with water. Available tour boats are harbored along the lagoon bank, as well as duck-shaped boats of various colors waiting for someone to sail on.

Sports lovers may try bicycling along the shore, riding on ATVs or conquering the sandy tracks by motocross. The quiet lagoon is also fun for you to row a canoe across. If you don't feel like letting your kids play water at the shore without supervision, you can make use of the small swimming pool where they can swim safely. Even more than that, Glagah Beach is also a paradise of fishing. Fishing with casting technique on tetra pods will certainly be a special experience. You can try to catch a variety of fishes of different species, such as Surung, Caru (baby GT), Talang, Pethek (Mlawis), Garon, Layur and many others.

When the sun is brightest, enjoying fresh watermelons or melons sold by the locals along the streets to the beach will obviously be a temptation. Enjoy the fruits while sitting on the wooden benches protected by the shady Casuarinaceae trees along the bank of the lagoon. When hunger attacks, a number of food stalls around the beach serving various processed fishes may help you satisfy the hunger.

After spending the whole day playing around the beach, don't rush to head back home. Wait until the sun has set. Sit facing West on the edge of the streets near the wave breakers; savor the view of the golden ray reflected perfectly on the ocean surface, sneaking through the tetrapods. Listen to the sound of the breaking waves, watch the horizon as it turns into a shade of amber, and feel the lagoon as it grows quieter. They will all sweetly and romantically close your day.