Yogyakarta's Authentic Merchandise Hunting Spot

Jalan Gedongkuning Selatan 128, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
(0274) 375 591

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T-shirts and various novel merchandises with typical clever puns of Dagadu are the authentic souvenirs from Jogja. At Yogyatourium, you can find Dagadu Djokdja's original products while also tasting various Jogjanese cuisines at Kolega Cafe style.

Updated on 11/29/2016

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Who haven't ever heard of Dagadu? Its T-shirts with the logo of an eye have been popular among tourists, that a vacation to Jogja is even considered incomplete without buying Dagadu T-shirts. This was what encouraged me to buy some T-shirts with "Dagadu" writings around Malioboro Street a couple years ago, with vulgar pun and affordable price. Unfortunately, in just 1 month, the "Dagadu" T-shirt I bought started to wear down. The bright color immediately fade, followed by the breaking of the screen printing pattern on its surface. After investigating, it turns out that the T-shirt I bought was not the original product from Dagadu, but an imitation product with mediocre quality. Ouch!

Unwilling to repeat the mistake, this time I chose to look for information about the original products of Dagadu Djokdja. I found out that the authentic merchandise is only sold at 3 authorized stores in Yogyakarta: Posyandu (Pos Pelayanan Dagadu - Dagadu Service Post) at Malioboro Mall's lower ground, Posyandu 2 at the corner of Northern Square, and Yogyatourium in the neighborhood of Gedong Kuning. The third spot is relatively new, but pretty crowded since it also includes a cafe and several other entertainment facilities. The one-stop-shopping concept really attracts me to visit Yogyatourium, while hunting for some authentic souvenirs from the legendary Dagadu.

The location of Yogyatourium can be recognized from a big signboard with "Kapan ke Jogja lagi?" (En: When will you visit Jogja again?) writings in front of the store, remind us to one of the song from Everyday band. The location is right on the side of a main road, easily accessible by big buses bringing groups of tourists. It is also close to Wonosari Street, making it easier for the tourists that are returning from their tour in Gunungkidul. The building has 3 floors and shaped like a tube, decorated with metal wall-cladding that give it a modern look. The design is what makes Yogyatourium a favorite spot for taking narcissistic photos, just like what I saw as many tourists were taking selfie photos around the spacy parking area.

Entering the building, you'll be greeted by a circular space resembling an auditorium. Just like Dagadu's T-shirts, the walls in the room is also painted with various clever and funny pun. The words "Kapan ke Jogja lagi?" are also seen on several corners in different shapes, colors, and designs. Numerous merchandise such as shirts and accessories are neatly arranged in display cabinets, shaped like traditional bicycle, pedicab, train, and may more. I got confused looking for a fitting room when i want to try a T-shirt, all the more when the shop assistant directed me to a small refrigerator on the corner of the room. Turns out that a small room functioning as fitting room is hidden beyond the refrigerator!

Aside from T-shirts, Yogyatourium also provides various other accessories such as keychains, hats, table ornaments, and playing cards. All of those merchandises are full of pictures and clever puns typical of Dagadu, consistent with the tagline "Smart, Smile, Djokdja". Unlike the shirts I bought in the past, the words in the original Dagadu tend to be more polite and smart, but are still able to make your stomach tingles with laughter. Some Javanese puns may sound odd and difficult to understand, but you can get the meaning from the explanation on the T-shirt labels. In addition to the unusual and distinct design, there're also T-shirts with simple and contemporary monochrome themes.

Done with my shopping, I decided to visit Kedai Kolega on the ground floor, connected directly to the spacious basement parking lot. In the modern-styled cafe, you can taste various unique dishes such as Klutella (sweet casava), Tempeh and Tofu Steak, Javanese Spaghetti, various types of Indonesian coffee, and more. The walls are also full of Dagadu's graffitis, creating a cozy atmosphere to relax for a while after hunting for merchandise at Yogyatourium. WiFi and electric plugs made me comfortable to stay longer at this small cafe, while listening to indie songs played all the time.

Right in front of Kedai Kolega, there's a spacious yard with several family game facilities such as ball throwing, spinning wheel, ring throwing, and 3 sets of "Kotak Silang Kota" (city crosswords) with questions related to Yogyakarta's tourism. A small joglo house stands in the back of the garden, where you can taste some snacks and angkringan (Javanese food stall) dishes. It complements Yogyatourium as a one-stop-shopping spot, a shopping and tourism spot worth visiting with your family.

So, still buying the fake ones?