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Jl. Pandega Padma, Pogung Lor RT12/RW48, Sinduadi, Mlati, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
0813 2998 8000 0813 2998 8000 0821 3531 3567 PIN BB 54E0D0B3

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With 4 comfortable rooms for 8 persons, D'Paragon Pogung is a suitable place to relax after traveling around Jogja. Hunting for foods and finding hang-out locations are easy as it is located near UGM (Gadjah Mada University) and Jalan Kaliurang.

Updated on 11/28/2017

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D'Paragon Pogung
8 guests, 4 bedroom(s), 4 bathroom(s)
IDR 550,000

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Cafes along Jalan Kaliurang are usually full of visitors when night gets late. Examples are The Kalimilk, one of the iconic culinary cafes that serves fresh milk with various tastes, or Blackbone Coffee that serves various types of coffee. Some people, apparently college students, seemed to relax and enjoy talking with their friends. Sometimes they laughed at something, and only God knows what they're talking about. Not only cafes, fast food restaurants such as Hoka Hoka Bento Jl. Kaliurang and Pizza Hut Jl. Kaliurang are all crowded at night. There are also affordable, student-friendly culinary shops, such as Waroeng Steak Jl. Pandega Karya and Waroeng SS Jl. Pandega Martha, all are crowded in spite of their locations--not precisely on the roadside of Jalan Kaliruang. Located near major universities like UGM and UNY, it is not surprising that there are many inexpensive culinary shops in this area. On Sunday, the area of Lembah UGM is one of the locations to hunt for foods. It is because Jalan Notonegoro, separating UGM and UNY, is altered into what we call Sunday Morning, a flea market to hunt for foods and souvenirs.

In addition to culinary and hang-out places, several hundreds of meters away from Jalan Kaliurang, there's a comfortable guest house for groups, d'Paragon Pogung. Under the management of the exclusive boarding house network of d'Paragon, this guest house is a suitable option when you have a vacation with friends to explore Jogja, a city of tens of tourist areas you cannot fully grasp in one day. This two-story guest house has 4 bedrooms with the capacity of 8 persons. One room is located on the first floor and the other three are on the second floor. Just like an exclusive boarding house, each room comes with various facilities such as AC, LED TV, subscribed TV, and bathroom with water heater. Extra facilities are provided to give more exciting moments during your stay with your friends, like small common area on the second floor equipped with LED TV and subscription TV channel, Wi-Fi connection, cutlery, and large parking area. A house guard is always ready, 24 hours, in case you need something.


  • Wifi
  • Living room
  • AC
  • Dining room
  • Fan
  • Kitchen
  • TV
  • Cleaning service
  • Cable TV
  • Washing machine
  • Hot water
  • Laundry
  • First aid kit
  • Swimming pool
  • Emergency lamp
  • Garden
  • Extinguisher
  • Meeting facilities
  • Parking area
  • Entertainment system
  • Free bike rental
  • Fitness equipments
  • Airport / station transfer

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Jl. Pandega Padma, Pogung Lor RT12/RW48, Sinduadi, Mlati, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
0813 2998 8000 0813 2998 8000 0821 3531 3567 PIN BB 54E0D0B3

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