An Urban Guest House with A Secret Door

Permata Residence No. C7, Sonosewu, Kasihan, Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta
0812 8214 8000 0812 8214 8000
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Although located not far from Malioboro, This house is equipped with a lot of facilities one rarely finds in other guest houses, and it also comes with a secret door.

Updated on 15 April 2020

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Casa Meira Malioboro
6 guests, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
IDR 850,000

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  • Check-in 2.00 PM, Check-out 11:00 AM
  • There will be additional surcharge during weekend, peak seasons, Idul Fitri, Christmas and New Year
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The sun was setting in the west. Gentle wind caresses the leaves as it passed by the garden. It's a very comforting afternoon at Casa Meira Malioboro. The lights started to come to life, bringing more warmth into the evening.

Upon entering the house, we were greeted by a cozy living area. The interior employs an urban Moroccan style combined with elegant shades of brown. A copper pendant light crafted by the magical hands of local craftsmen emanated a pleasant light, producing decorative patterns on its surroundings. An alluring lounge bed with its soft pillows seemed to be inviting us to sit on it.

The living area was bordered with a comfy breakfast bar exuding a cafe-like ambience, and a cool-looking retro refrigerator was sitting on its corner. This breakfast bar served as a transition area connecting the living area to the kitchen on the right. Casa Meira Malioboro really took their kitchen seriously. In addition to being modern and fully equipped, it maintained an artsy look with wooden shelves and randomly-arranged classic tiles.

To the left, a door took us to the side garden. This was probably one of the best spots in this place. It was a very visually appealing spot, perfect for spending time while sipping a cup of coffee/tea. On the ceiling, Moroccan hanging lamps shone their lights on a table and two chairs surrounded by ventilation blocks and a vertical garden.

Urban Oasis
( / Jaya Tri Hartono)

Casa Meira Malioboro has 3 bedrooms; the first bedroom was next to the living area on the first floor. The big window next to the bed made the room feel more spacious. When the curtain was drawn, the front garden was clearly visible from the bed. Living up to its name, "The Classic", this room was equipped with King Koil bed and a retro bedside table.

The other two bedrooms were located upstairs. "The Rustic" room offered us the privilege of enjoying the beauty of sunset sky. Unpolished wooden furniture with their natural colors really added to the overall charm of the room. Unlike the other two, "The Romantic" room seemed to be specifically designed for couples enjoying their honeymoon. The all-white furniture reminded us of a wedding party until we realize that it hid a secret waiting to be unraveled. What awaited us after uncovering it was truly mind-blowing. "The Romantic" apparently had a secret door with a romantic private balcony beyond it!

Romantic Balcony
( / Jaya Tri Hartono)

Casa Meira Malioboro spoiled us with a wide range of amenities during our stay there. To light things up, this guest house used advanced lighting system-the garden lamps were automatic, while the ones in the bedrooms could be switched to either cool daylight or warm white setting. To counter the heat of the day, this place provided us with AC in all bedrooms. Furthermore, we'd also got the privilege of enjoying hot baths on both floors! Out of curiosity, I inspected the shower installation and faucet. To my surprise, this guesthouse used Grohe! No wonder everything was so luxurious and shiny. Casa Meira Malioboro also had a laundry area equipped with a wash machine and an iron. The owner of this guest house was really friendly and helpful. When he found out that we took our baby with us, he immediately told us that a baby bath tub can be found is ide the cabinet under the stairs.

Casa Meira Malioboro also provided facilities rarely available in other guest houses such as an electric treadmill normally found in a gym. For entertainment, they had a movie room equipped with AC and Sony Home Theater 5.1. In addition to HBO and many other cable TV channels, the owner of this house generously provided us with his private collection consisting of 100 movie DVDs, ranging from children movies to the Oscar winning ones! We really had a blast watching good movies with cinema-grade sound system!

Thanks to its strategic location, Casa Meira Malioboro is surrounded by legendary eateries like Soto Kadipiro, Gudeg Yu Djum, Soto Pak Marto Taman Sari, Soto Djiancuk, etc.-all of which are scattered within a 2-km radius. Thanks to that, we found it challenging when it came to choosing what to have for breakfast.

Just like any other tourists, Malioboro was on top of our to-visit list. In less than five minutes of a car ride from Casa Meira Malioboro, we've already found ourselves entering the fortress to the Yogyakarta Palace-it was apparently not that far from our guest house. After another five minutes, we reached Malioboro, the first phase of our adventure in Jogja. We visited a lot of places after that, and Casa Meira Malioboro has always been there to welcome us home.


  • WiFi
  • Living room
  • AC
  • Dining room
  • Fan
  • Kitchen
  • TV
  • Cleaning service
  • Cable TV
  • Washing machine
  • Hot water
  • Laundry
  • First aid kit
  • Swimming pool
  • Emergency Lamp
  • Garden
  • Extinguisher
  • Meeting facilities
  • Parking area
  • Entertainment system
  • Free bike rental
  • Fitness equipments
  • Airport / station transfer

House Rules

  • Explain your identity when making reservation.
  • Show your marriage statement (for couples).
  • Preserve the comfort of the surrounding environment.
  • Do not bring drugs, alcohols, weapons/guns, or engage in illegal actions.
  • Do not smoke inside the house.
  • Do not bring pets.