Fit Many, to Sindu Kusuma Edupark in 8 Minutes Only

RT 6 RW 2 No. 294, Jatimulyo, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
0821 9913 1991 0821 9913 1991 0852 9029 8405 PIN BB: 57EE8080

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Located near Sindu Kusuma Edupark, Aster Guest House offers an economical lodging for groups. You would only need to walk to enjoy various rides in the amusement park, such as the 48-meter high ferris wheel.

Updated on 10/18/2017

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Rate / Night

15 persons, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms
IDR 900,000

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  • Free 7 extra beds and 3 royal foam beds
  • 20% off if guests are 10 persons or less
  • Check in 2.00 p.m, check out 12.00 a.m
  • There will be additional surcharge during weekend, Idul Fitri, Christmas and New Year Season
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While walking down the residential area and fields of Jambon Street in the afternoon, your sight will be fixed on a colorful ring in the distance. A giant wheel suddenly emerges from behind the vast paddy fields, flickering with its colorful lights. As you come closer, a big gate with letterings that read "Sindu Kusuma Edupark" will be plainly visible in front of the wheel, inviting you to enjoy various exciting rides inside.

Not far from there, there's Aster Guest House, an economical rent house in Yogyakarta for groups. Aster Guest House is located in the middle of Jogja-styled residents full of warmth. The house has 4 rooms you can use, 3 rooms are already equipped with AC and TV, while the other 1 is equipped with fan. In addition, Aster Guest House also provides 7 folding beds you can use for free, so it can accommodate up to 15 persons. There is a comfortable living room to relax with friends. Aster Guest House also includes with a spacious carport, so you don't have to be concerned with the security of your vehicle.

The Aster Guest House's location facilitates you to easily travel to Sindu Kusuma Edupark, an amusement park with various exciting rides. Walking for only 8 minutes, you will already reach the spacious parking lot. Here, you can see the view of Jogja from the 48-meter high kincir ria or ferris wheel. In addition, you can try various exciting rides such as segway, bumper car, flying chair, and of course the merry-go-round or carousel, whose existence in an amusement park is a must. For culinary, you can visit Gudeg Pincuk in the morning or Erista's Honey Roasted Chicken for dinner, both are not far from the guest house. For you who like shopping, try visiting some of the shopping centers such as Jogja City Mall on Magelang Street.


  • Wifi
  • Living room
  • AC
  • Dining room
  • Fan
  • Kitchen
  • TV
  • Cleaning service
  • Cable TV
  • Washing machine
  • Hot water
  • Laundry
  • First aid kit
  • Swimming pool
  • Emergency lamp
  • Garden
  • Extinguisher
  • Meeting facilities
  • Parking area
  • Entertainment system
  • Free bike rental
  • Fitness equipments
  • Airport / station transfer

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RT 6 RW 2 No. 294, Jatimulyo, Sleman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
0821 9913 1991 0821 9913 1991 0852 9029 8405 PIN BB: 57EE8080

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