6 Budget Hotels in Yogyakarta/Jogja

Experience vacation in the TRUE Jogja by staying at local-owned hotels. The small, affordable hotels offer warm friendliness, with lots of chances for you to chit-chat warmly with the owner. Such warmth is the true soul of Jogja's tourism.

  • 0.7 km from Prawirotaman

    Hotel Nugraha
    Affordable Hotel for Family and Group

    Only few hotels in Jogja have large parking area, save for star hotels. Yet, the parking area of Nugraha Hotel can accommodate at least 6 big buses. With room capacity of 300 persons, it's not surprising that the hotel is suitable for study tour groups.

    IDR 120,000/4 guests + breakfast, Fan, ensuite bathroom

    0816 653 143

  • 1.4 km from UGM

    Hotel Srikandi Baru UGM
    Affordable Price, Fabulous Face

    The four pillars in the face of Srikandi Baru Hotel make it look like a fabulous Roman building. Don't get it wrong, it offers rooms at affordable rates. It's located near UGM campus and is surrounded by a number of affordable dining places.

    IDR 100,000/2 guests, AC, cable TV, ensuite bathroom (with hot water)

    0857 3323 0084

  • Bukit Uhud Hotel
    Sharia & Homey

    Bukit Uhud Hotel offers a place to stay which preserves Islamic sharia while maintain home-felt comfort. Located between Malioboro and Kotagede, Bukit Uhud Hotel offers easy access to various tourism spots around Jogja.

    IDR 450,000/6 guests + breakfast (2 pax), AC, TV, ensuite bathroom (with hot water)

    0812 9858 8222

  • 1.3 km from UGM

    Ndalem Suratin
    Downtown Home with Indische Style So Rich, Tugu Jogja is within Reach

    Ndalem Suratin offers quiet and comfortable rooms inside an Indische-styled house in the downtown near Tugu Jogja. The construction is classic, making your holiday and nostalgia more exciting.

    IDR 500,000/4 guests + breakfast, AC, cable TV, ensuite bathroom (with hot water)

    0813 2888 9687

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