Sate Pak Turut

(updated on 3/23/2015)

Food prices
IDR 20,000 / portion

Open daily
08.30 a.m - 05.00 p.m

(0274) 748 9282

The Most Famous Satay in Gunungkidul

Jl Kesatrian, Wonosari, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (see map)
Phone: (0274) 748 9282

The delicate young goat meat in curry sauce and various spices created by Pak Turut has succeeded in becoming the number one satay in gunungkidul.

About midday after two days traveling around Gunungkidul, YogYES visited Sate Kambing Pak Turut (Mr Turut's Goat Satay), which is located not too far from Wonosari city square. A carrying pole stood decorating the front terrace, emphasizing the place's identity as a satay foodstall. A man was busy waving his fan over the skewered meats on burning coals, spreading the aroma of burnt meats over to the streets and attracting passersby to stop by.

Mr Turut's Goat Satay is the most popular satay in Gunungkidul; it has existed since more than a quarter of century ago. Back then, Mr Turut sold satays door-to-door using a carrying pole. Slowly, his hard work developed well that he no longer needed to walk door-to-door. Nowadays, after he passed away, his children continue running the satay foodstalls, one of which we gave a visit to.

The history of satay is even older than the republic. Presumably originated from Tamil language, satay started to gain its popularity around Java Island along with the arrival of Arab and Indian immigrants in the early of the 19th century. Thought to be a modification of kebab, satay is commonly made of goat meat. Nowadays, it has developed into more variations; not only in the kind of meats but also in the spices used. While most satays are cooked with simple spices, Mr Turut has made it more special by adding curry spices and empon-empon (Javanese mixed traditional spices) cooked for hours. The special mix of spices is called kopyokan it is the key to the legendary satay Mr Turut has introduced.

Ah, here come our orders, served with hot ketchup sauce with pepper topping and accompanied by slices of raw cabbage and cucumber. Steamy warm rice served in ricebasket is ready, along with tea in ceret blirik (aluminum pot in chicken-fur pattern) and lump sugar to ease thirst.

The aroma of the spices fills the air, greeting our smelling and teasing our tongue to quickly taste it. Hhhmmmm, the delicate meats combined with curry spice and empon-empon is really a sexy combination. It just tastes right not more, not less. We can savor the spicy chili and the hot pepper, the fragrant lemon leaves, to the tasty red onion. It is just in accordance with the Javanese philosophy which places empon-empon as one of their offerings, which aims to serve mankind with a variety of tastes in life, just like the various taste comprised in each of the ingredients in empon-empon.

Like the common satay foodstalls, Mr Turut's Satay also offers other kind of foods made of goat meat, such as curry, tongseng, and tengkleng. A portion of satay, complete with rice and drink is offered at Rp 20,000. Mr Turut's Goat Satay has succeeded in recharging our energy to trip back home to Jogja.

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Map of Sate Pak Turut

Jl Kesatrian, Wonosari, Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (see map)
Phone: (0274) 748 9282

GPS Coordinate: -7.96258333333333, 110.59875

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