Deliciousness of Javanese-Chinese Culinary

Jl. Pabringan 1, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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Enjoying the taste of Beringharjo Fried Rice is just as occupied as listening to a plate of story around the harmony of Javanese and Chinese cultures in Indonesia, especially in terms of culinary, not just its deliciousness.

Updated on 15 September 2018

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Food prices
IDR 8,000 / portion

Open daily
07.00 p.m till close

Beringharjo Fried Rice, can now be found on Jalan Mataram, right of the third T-junction on the left side of the street leading to the historical market in Yogyakarta. Before the end of the year 2004, when the food stalls were still open in the area, the fried rice was found on the T-junction leading to Shopping area that now is changed into Taman Pintar, Taman Budaya Yogyakarta and the center of book shops.

This fried rice is worth trying because many people acknowledge its deliciousness since the owner started its business in 1960s. You do not have to wait for the menu to be served since the seller has cooked them in big portion. It starts open from 06:00p.m to 11:00p.m. with cross-legged and chairs seating arrangement.

Eating this fried rice, you feel like listening to a plate of story about Javanese-Chinese acculturation. Fried rice itself actually originated from China and immigrated to Indonesia. Initially, fried rice existed from Chinese tradition that prohibit throwing uneaten rice, so that the rice was processed using available ingredients such as onion, garlic, and ketchup. When Chinese people came to Indonesia, such a cuisine was known by Indonesians as well and started to mix with Indonesian cuisine.

The acculturation can be seen from the variation of fried rice, from chicken fried rice, seafood fried rice, mutton fried rice, and even pete (beans with pungent odor) fried rice as Indonesian special ingredient. The taste also varies; some accentuate the taste of garlic and some accentuate the taste of additional material such as chicken. Beringharjo Fried Rice chooses to cook chicken and pork fried rice.

Speaking of ketchup as one of the ingredients, it also keeps story about acculturation of Chinese people living in Java. Ketchup, actually was named kie tjap, is made of fermented fish concentrate. When Chinese people living in Java found that soybeans were cheaper than fish, the raw material of ketchup making was changed to soybeans. Consequently, it did not have fish taste; it only tasted sweet for sweet ketchup that is used to cook fried rice. Strong taste of garlic also becomes characteristic of Chinese cuisine.

Although there are many fried rice sellers, Beringharjo Fried Rice is still special. The process of cooking, for example, is in big portions. As much rice as half of a big rice basket can be cooked at once in a very big pan. The ingredients are very special since they have been mixed at home and ready to use.

Chicken or pork is added when the fried rice is on the plate. Besides, slices of fresh tomato, cabbage, celery, omelet or pickle are additional. Some customers even order one and a half or even two portions at once because of its deliciousness.

The taste is just right, not too sweet nor too salty. The aroma of garlic is not too strong yet tasty. Are you interested in tasting? You can have other menus such as fried noodle and pork cooked with ketchup that are not less delicious.