When Silent Noodles Make You Speechless

Jalan Raya Bantul 111, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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Bakmi Shibishu, or Shibishu Noodles, gives you a speechless experience as soon as you taste it. The cook who does not talk much whilst cooking is a good sign that she really knows what she is doing, making perfect noodles that can make you speechless.

Updated on 15 September 2018

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Food prices
IDR 16,000 / portion

If you're one of noodle fans. During your stay in Jogja, you should come to Bakmi Shibishu eatery located on Bantul raya street No 106. This location is just only 5 minutes stroll from Malioboro, 500 meter southern side of Beteng Kulon. Don't be puzzled by its japanese name, this place is owned by purely a Jogja person and it has been being operated since 25 years ago. This place is more often visited compared to the surrounding eater.

Beside the crowd of this place, at first, i was quite confused with what i would discover in this place. This place is well-known as "mute noodle". Some fad thoughts came up concerning that name. At first, i thought it's due to the delish noodles provided there so that we'll not speak any words. Second thought, the seller is mute. However, when i ordered a portion of noodle to an old lady there, the second guess was somehow incorrect because the lady could speak. But eventually, i discovered that one of my guess was right, here is the complete story.

After ordering fried noodle, i also ordered hot tea as the complementer of my meal. During the time of waiting,i began to understand the reason why this place is called mute noodle. The fact is revealed, waiteress delivering the foods is mute and also one more person who blend the ingredients of noodle and the cooker are also mute during the course of cooking.

It' quite a long time until finally my food arrived. It' accepted though bearing in mind that this eatery only using a brazier with carbons to cook all the orders. During your time of waiting, hot tea would come earlier to accompany you. There, you're also given a tea pot to refill your glass. Beside different method of serving, the teaste of tea is very different compared to other tea. The first drink will give its own sensation.

After 20 minutes of waiting, finally my fried noodle delivered by the mute lady. The appearance of this fried noodle is pretty similar to other noodles. However, the color is a bit lighter. Most probably, it doesn't use much soy souce. The noodle comprises two kinds of main noodle. First, is yellow noodle and bihun (thin rice noodles). After that, it's complemented by small pieces of chicken and celery. The first bite made me lost my words. The ingredients included in this noodle so tasteful. At a glance, it's a bit too much but the next bites make it better.

On the dining table, we can also find chilies which are so delish once we plump it to the noodle. One of The most unforgettable parts of eating this noodle is the hot tea part. These Two indispensable parts are completing each others to make an unforgettable culinary tourism for you. In the end, I was quite happy that one of my two guess was right. Shibishu noodles truly made me lost my words for its great taste.