Hi, Insomnia, Let's Make Peace between You and I!

Let insomnia come as it likes it. Say "Welcome to Jogja" and invites it to a fun hang out at one of the 5 cafes that opens 24 hours. If needs be, serve a cup of coffee and get it to know your friends.

Updated on 18 November 2018

To most people, insomnia is just like a thief who might come at God knows when and harshly steals your sleep away. It makes your day's fatigue even worse, not to mention when you remember that there are still loads of work waiting for you the next day. Isolating yourself in your room and trying hard to get to sleep is just a waste of time. Hey, in Jogja, there's nothing to worry when insomnia comes. Just invite your fellow insomniac buddies out for a fun hang out at one of the cafes that opens 24 hours. Sipping a cup of coffee while chit-chatting, playing games as you might like it or watching football match would surely be a pleasure, wouldn't it?

1. Peacock Coffee

Peacock Coffee
Jl. AM Sangaji 72, Yogyakarta
(0274) 8244 416

Not so big in size, Peacock Coffee remains a comfy place to hang out 24 hours. After ordering coffee and snacks, you can directly choose your seat, either inside the building or outside near the garden. Apart from offering various coffee-based menus, Peacock Coffee also provides free Wi-Fi to help you enjoy your time better. Check the address and location map at Peacock Coffee.

2. Legend Coffee 247 Games Cafe

Legend Coffee 247 Games Cafe
Jl. Abu Bakar Ali 24, Kota Baru, Yogyakarta
(0274) 541 290

Legend Coffee 247 Games Cafe is a one-stop hang out cafe located at the end of Jalan Abu Bakar Ali, Jogja. Besides enjoying various types of coffee and tasty snacks or main dishes, you can also have a try on different games provided for free, including billiard, PES, foosball, and many others. Every Wednesday, the cafe also presents acoustic band performance, adding more pleasure to the overall ambience. Check the address and location map at Legend Coffee 247 Games Cafe.

3. Warkop Semesta

Warkop Semesta
Jl. Abu Bakar Ali 2, Kota Baru, Yogyakarta
(0274) 9198 496

One of the most popular coffee shops in Jogja, Warkop Semesta is where I-don't-care-about-time youths would hang out at. The cafe is large, and it offers many choices of coffee. Better still, the dishes offered are also widely diverse, from main dishes to snacks, so you wouldn't have to worry when your stomach starts to growl in hunger. Check the address and location map at Warkop Semesta.

4. Vito Cafe

Vito Cafe
Jl. Raya Seturan 399A, Puluhdadi, Depok, Sleman, Yogyakarta
(0274) 486 511

Combining a coffee shop and an internet shop, Vito Cafe is like a second home for Jogja's students and youths. Located at Jalan Raya Seturan, the cafe offers many choices of coffee from all around Indonesia and various kinds of snacks perfect to accompany you while chit-chatting with friends. Aside from being a cool place to hang out, the free Wi-Fi service provided is what attracts college students to work on their papers here. Check the address and location map at Vito Cafe.

5. District Dining and Coffee Factory

District Dining and Coffee Factory
Jl. Seturan Raya, Plaza Seturan kav 5-6A, Depok, Yogyakarta
(0274) 4332 983

District Dining and Coffee Factory is located in one of the shop complex at Plaza Seturan. Employing the concept of unfinished furniture divided into outdoor and indoor area, the 24-hour cafe is the favorite place where different communities in Jogja would hang out at. Besides coffee, the cafe also offers many choices of foods, ranging from Indonesian cuisine to Western cuisine. Free Wi-Fi and a giant screen—sually used to watch football match—are also available. Way better, you will also be entertained by acoustic band performance every Monday, Wednesday, and Sunday night. Check the address and location map at District Dining and Coffee Factory.