Soto Moneter (10 Soto Food in Jogja)

The monetary crisis striking Indonesia in the 90s became the philosophy behind the establishment of the soto stall, located north of Kotagede's ringroad intersection, Jogja. People identify this humble stall by the name Warung Soto Moneter. The signature dish of this stall is a bowl of beef soto with crystal clear broth. Soto Moneter also provides a unique sensation of enjoying soto with basil and lenthok (mashed fried cassava), as the side dish. Check the address and the map of the location on Soto Moneter.

About 10 Soto Food in Jogja

Let's explore the richness and uniqueness of food born from the acculturation between Indonesian, Chinese, and even Indian culture, presented in a bowl of soto (a kind of soup made of meat or vegetable broth). You can find numerous variants of soto: soto

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