Soto Djiancuk (10 Soto Food in Jogja)

Some paintings, wood carvings, and scraps of car parts are scattered on some corners, both inside and outside. Nobody would have thought that the building, appear more like an artist's workshop, is in fact a soto stall. This stall serving soto Blitar has a very unique name. People know this place by the name Soto Djiancuk. The owner came from East Java and he deliberately used the swear word (djiancuk is a swear word normally used by the native people of East Java) to make it clear that he is selling East Java-style soto. Rumor has it that the taste of the soto here often provokes people to curse because it is so tasty and will be sold out in just a blink of the eye. Check the adress and the map of the location on Soto Djiancuk.

About 10 Soto Food in Jogja

Let's explore the richness and uniqueness of food born from the acculturation between Indonesian, Chinese, and even Indian culture, presented in a bowl of soto (a kind of soup made of meat or vegetable broth). You can find numerous variants of soto: soto

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