from Soto Kadipiro to Saoto Bathok Mbah Katro

Let's explore the richness and uniqueness of food born from the acculturation between Indonesian, Chinese, and even Indian culture, presented in a bowl of soto (a kind of soup made of meat or vegetable broth). You can find numerous variants of soto: soto

Updated on 10/22/2018

Jogja is mostly known as the City of Gudeg, but the truth is, in addition to the food dominated with savory and sweet taste, Jogja has a million of foods that you simply cannot resist. One of the legendary foods in the City of Gudeg is soto. You can even find one stall that has been selling soto since half a century ago.

Going through the history of soto, this one particular food is so full of culture and taste. As we all know, there are soto Madura, soto Lamongan, soto Kudus, soto Betawi, and many others. Furthermore, soto is actually a product of acculturation between Indonesian, Chinese, and even Indian culture. The book "Nusa Jawa: Silang Budaya" mentioned that soto originally came from China. In the beginning it was called caudo, then tauto, saoto, and finally sroto or soto to fit Indonesian tongue. The use of turmeric, one of the many empon-empon (a Javanese term used to refer to the various spices used in cooking) as an ingredient is assumed to follow Indian recipes. On the other hand, Indonesian culture's contribution is the addition of local spices, which differ from one region to another, and thus resulting in a large variety of soto. You can enjoy some of them when visiting Jogja.

1. Soto Kadipiro

If you head west from Wirobrajan intersection, you can taste one legendary soto in Jogja known with the name Soto Kadipiro. It has been running its business since 1921, and nowadays it is recognized as an icon of soto in Jogja. Soto Kadipiro is located in the center of the city, making it easy to find. What makes it more exceptional is because we can order a beverage named Limun Sarsaparilla (Sarsaparilla Lemonade), a rare Jogjanese soda beverage, for dessert. Check the address and the map of the location on Soto Kadipiro.